Traveling In Cargo Can Be Deadly To Pets

Caution if you’re putting your pet in cargo while flying, persian cats and short-nosed dogs are particularly vulnerable to DEATH during flight, especially during the summer. Better, don’t put them in the belly at all.

The Middle Seat Terminal blog found some disturbing numbers about pet deaths while perusing the latest Department of Transportation’s Consumer report. Between Oct 2007 and 2008, 30 pets died while in cargo. 23% of them were bulldogs. In fact,

According to an August 2005 story in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, “many airlines refuse to carry [short-nosed dogs] during the summer because the higher temperatures make it harder for such animals to breathe.”

Commenters on the post identifying themselves as airline workers also were very against putting pets in cargo. One of the major problems is that the tie-down straps aren’t properly attached by the loading personnel. And even if the animal isn’t physically harmed in any way, you can bet they’re going to be totally freaked out when they arrive. Wiser to leave your pet at home, get someone to sit for it, or board it if you’re going to be away for awhile, so that way they’re there, alive, when you get back home.

Traveling with Your Bulldog? Airline Death Stats Show Pups at Risk [The Middle Seat Terminal] (Photo: Catskills Grrl)

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