What Purchase Do You Regret The Most?

Sometimes we buy things and days later, or even minutes, we totally hate ourselves for buying it. Stupid, stupid, stupid!

Maybe you walk down the block and see it on sale at another store. Maybe you were drunk online shopping. Maybe you just needed to really cross off a to-do item so you could feel like a good productive person and so you rushed onto Amazon and bought something without doing research and it ended up being the totally wrong thing. Maybe it’s just plain stupid and you never use it anymore. For me it would have to be the Wii. I never play the damn thing anymore, the graphics blow, and all its vaunted interactivity is really incredibly basic after the magic wears off (wake me when it’s gyroscopic). It might be different if my girlfriend played it with me (that was part of the reason I bought it, so we would have a game to play together) but she’s too busy and stressed. And so it sits, a winking white slab. What’s purchase do you regret the most?

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