Testing Chuck E. Cheese Restaurants For Bacteria Will Probably Give You Nightmares

After one of their friends claimed to have gotten ringworm from a Chuck E. Cheese restaurant, mommy blog “momlogic” decided to swab several Chuck E. Cheese locations and have the samples tested for bacteria. The results are pretty gross, and make us thankful to have an immune system.

They found a variety of nasty germs that cause things like UTIs, pneumonia, and infant meningitis — proving once and for all that you should wash your hands before you eat.

Chuck E. Cheese’s spokesperson says that the restaurant cleans and disinfects the tables and games every evening.

“We clean and sanitize our games every night with an antibacterial sanitizing solution called Sterbac Blue. We try to inspect and maintain during the day as well. We have a large amount of kids who come through here, and with them, a large amount of bacteria. We try to keep up with it.”

Yep, kids are pretty gross. Be sure to wash yours thoroughly.

Is Chuck E. Cheese’s Really Chuck E. Diseases? [momlogic]

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