Shopper Takes Walmart To Court Over $2 And Wins $100

The Pennsylvania woman who makes a hobby out of taking retailers to court over pricing errors has struck again. This time Walmart was ordered to pay Mary Bach $100 for repeatedly failing to correct a $2 error.

WTAE in Pittsburgh says:

On Monday morning, Wal-Mart decided not to fight Bach’s latest lawsuit, so District Judge Charles Conway ruled in her favor and awarded Bach $100 for being overcharged on a $2 purchase at the company’s Delmont store.

This is Ms. Bach’s second judgment against this Walmart. In May she won $100 after suing Walmart over some $5 pants that were supposed to be $3. Before that, she won a lawsuit against Kmart for charging sales tax on toilet paper.

She says the money isn’t important, (she always sues for the minimum amount) she just wants shoppers to be more careful and pay attention.

Murrysville Woman Beats Wal-Mart In Court Over $2 Error [WTAE] (Thanks, Tim!)
(Photo: genebob )

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