Man Finally Gets His $130 Back From Circuit City

In an update and conclusion, reader Sean let us know he finally got satisfaction regarding his story that we posted, “Circuit City Credits Wrong Card For $130 Return, Sends You Away With Nothing.”

Sean writes:

1) The e-mail I sent to customer service did nothing. They replied that they could do nothing.

2) The store manager called me back the next day to tell me the district manager had given approval to have the store contact the original purchaser, explain the mistake, and ask if they could recharge his card. Once this was completed, they would issue me a gift card for the original amount. She did “apologize for all he craziness” at the store the night of the incident.

3) About a week later I received a call from the district manager asking if everything had been resolved. I said I hadn’t heard any updates. He told me that everything had been taken care of (the original purchaser’s card had been re-charged) and that my gift card was waiting at the store. I could either pick it up, or they could mail it to me. I asked him to mail it to me.

4) A few days later I received the gift card in the mail. I called the number on the card to check the balance, and it said it couldn’t because the card wasn’t active. This concerned me, but I thought it could be due to the circumstances it was issued, etc.

5) A few days later, I went to the store to use my gift card. I first stopped at the customer service desk to have them check the balance on the card. They said it wasn’t active, and asked if I’d already used it. I said no and that it was a long story, and they went to get the manager. She came out a few moments later (it was the same manager from the night of the original incident) and issued me a new card, which I used immediately.

So, in the end, it all turned out. I was a bit surprised that they didn’t offer me anything for the trouble or at least a more sincere apology. But, I guess I should just be happy that they took responsibility and corrected the mistake.

In the future, I’ll be much more explicit when making exchanges or returns as to what I want before I hand over the product. And, even though I don’t think I should have to, I’ll no longer assume the clerk will understand that I’m not the original purchaser if I’m using a gift receipt.

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