Domino's Trademarks Pizza Hut's Product Names In The UK

Pizza Hut is testing a new type of pizza in Florida and Texas. It’s called the ‘Natural Rustica’ and according to Brand Republic, the pizza features “sauces made from organic tomatoes and toppings without artificial preservatives. To enhance its premium credentials, the range is made from a multi-grain crust of traditional pizza dough and wholegrain infused with honey and olive oil.” Honey? Anyway, Domino’s must like this idea because they’ve trademarked the “Natural Rustica” name in the UK.

Domino’s Pizza sales and marketing director Robin Auld said: ‘We are frequently registering trademarks as part of our ongoing new product development programme and this often includes names used by Domino’s and other companies in other countries.’

A Pizza Hut spokeswoman responded by saying it was ‘flattered that Domino’s is using Pizza Hut innovation in the US as inspiration’.

Who knew the pizza biz was so catty?

Domino’s Pizza UK trademarks Pizza Hut’s US menu items [Brand Republic]
(Photo: Ben Popken )

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