Save Money by Bartering

barter for goods and services instead of buying them. Yep, bartering, the age-old method of economic exchange, is making a big comeback — though now it’s a high-tech operation that doesn’t limit you to your own set of acquaintances. We wrote about this back in July, but an economic practice that has survived from the beginning of our society deserves more than one post. Smart Money has 5 new tips it says will help you save by trading goods and skills you already have:

* Sign up with a middleman.
* Reach out to your network.
* Research prices.
* Trade like for like.
* Keep tax records.

Some ideas? If you’re an accountant, trade doing someone’s books for free legal advice. If you’re handy, fix a person’s sink in exchange for free tickets to a show. If you design websites, create one for someone who can develop a marketing plan for your business. In short, think of what you can and would be willing to do in exchange for another good or service, post your offer online, and start saving!

In Economic Downturn, More Turn to Barter [Smart Money]


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