How An Ex-Lehman Brothers ibanker Fills His Days

What does an ex-Lehman Brothers i-banker do now that he has no reason to live? This brilliant, amusing, well-put-together, and NSFW video explores the answer. “I’ve been waking up 5:40 every morning, not waking up for Lehman Brothers necessarily, but when I wake up, I put on a suit.” I know there’s a lot of so-called “funny videos” on the internet, but seriously, this is a good one. Watch it inside.


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  1. Kounji says:

    Wow. As someone currently not working, its actually kind of fun to laugh at this. Now its time for job search!

  2. BigBoat says:

    Haha, very well put together.

  3. Hands says:

    “Am I in fucking Brooklyn?”

    I can’t even count how many times I’ve uttered that exact question.

  4. DrJimmy says:

    Very SNL-ish, when SNL bothered with good short film.

  5. The_IT_Crone says:

    …”Rub and Tug?” I’m probably glad I don’t know this.

    That was so well put together, is it REALLY not an actor?

  6. goodywitch says:

    Was I the only one who thought Green Eggs and Ham?

    Yea, very SNL-ish, except that it was, well, funny.

  7. albear says:

    The guy has a future in TV! Hell, this looks like some sort of Office episode. BTW, he has a crappy kitchen for a guy making a couple hundred G’s ;) It really was cool.

  8. TechnoDestructo says:

    This is awesome. “I kinda wish I could work at a factory, you know, like in olden times.”

  9. Adisharr says:

    Really well done =)

  10. NigerianScammer says:

    Wow, this is actually something I can relate to.

  11. FuryOfFirestorm says:

    “Am I in fucking Brooklyn?”

    100% pure comedy gold!

  12. P_Smith says:

    Odd Todd’s “Laid Off: A Day In The Life” is much funnier. Have some coff-ay and watch.



  13. shufflemoomin says:

    Very well done. I really enjoyed that. Maybe inspired a little by the Simpsons where Mr. Burns looses the plant or when Smithers is away and he decides to fend for himself?

  14. shoegazer says:

    Brilliant. the Daily Show or Colbert should pick him up as an “expert”.

  15. Violex says:

    I smell a book deal. Titled: Am I in fucking Brooklyn?

  16. coach02740 says:

    B.J.Novak from “The Office” called; wants to talk to you about a job in Scranton.

  17. BuddyGuyMontag says:

    It’s funny that it’s a broker, but don’t forget that a lot of the people in this mess were people making less than 80-100k a year.

  18. ?AntiSocialSocialite? says:

    if i knew this guy in real life (the character, not the actor) i’d punch him in the face and then give him a hug

  19. HClay says:

    I hate to disappoint some of the people in this thread, but the guy is an actor, and not an actual ex-Lehman Brothers employee. His name is Daniel Shafer. It’s right there in the credits.

    There isn’t much on him on the web (I suspect because he does theatre, mostly). Here’s, well, something:


    Still: very good, and I’d definitely watch more of this guy’s work.

  20. redkamel says:

    I liked the parts where he said he was going to work in starbucks and “scrape by on a couple hundred grand a year” and how he makes a face for a split second before the cut after he eats the eggs.

    “Am I in fucking brooklyn?” was pretty funny, even though I am not from NY, and have no idea what Brooklyn even is beyond TV references. I’ve said the same thing many times, just about a different part of area I live in.

  21. banmojo says:

    It was pretty obvious that he’s an actor; even so, well done, witty and telling at the same time. As some have said, this could be on SNL if SNL was even remotely funny anymore. anycoots, thx for the link