Happy Endings: Adidas Upgrades Your Tragically Leaky Backpack

Here’s a nice story from reader Aaron. His Adidas backpack soaked up a ton of water and ruined his books and papers, so he complained to Adidas. They referred him to their backpack manufacturer, and they replaced the backpack with a better one for free.

Aaron says:

I started college recently and of course one of my expenses was a new backpack. It was nothing special. Just a $30 dollar Adidas backpack I bought at Academy. Another expense I have yet to be able to afford is transportation, so I take the bus. One day after school last week I had to wait in the rain for a bit. I didn’t mind this too much since all my stuff was safe in my bag and I had worn a hoodie that day. Well, I don’t know bout you, but I have never had a backpack absorb so much water. My papers and textbook were ruined. Luckily, the class all those papers and textbook were for had ended. I called Adidas to complain. They referred me to Agron, the company that handles their backpack products.

The rep heard my complaint and being a college student as well, sympathized with me. He asked me to email him the receipt which I did not have. I thought I was shit out of luck but no… he said “Why don’t you take and send me a picture via email along with your address ,we just need proof”. I did and today I came home and found a big box on my bed. I open it and there was a new $75 Adidas Backpack .

They couldn’t replace the book but that didn’t matter too much as I was only going to resell it and probably wouldn’t have gotten much for it.

Just thought I’d share this story with you all,