Yet Another Reader Scammed By

Here it is folks, your semi-annual reminder that FreeCreditReport is not free. Free credit reports can be found at is a pay site. As in you will be billed. As in not free.

Jose says:

I’m just writing you because I am so angry with I wanted to check my credit report last month just to see where I stand so after watching the commercial, I used

I am aware that, by law, your allowed one free credit report per year from each of the three credit unions. After I got my credit score I checked my BofA account and saw there was a $14.95 charge. I thought it was just a deposit and that it’ll be refunded.

I completely forgot about it and today, a month after I checked my score there is another $14.95 charge. I call to see whats wrong and they tell me I have to cancel my membership and the $14.95 charge will not be refunded. I get super upset and then they just hang up on me without trying to give me an explanation. The moral of the story is they are a scam and I would like to let you know that so other people don’t fall for the same thing I did.

Thanks, Jose. You might want to call Bank of America and explain the situation to them and see if they’ll reverse the charge. You’re not the only one who has fallen for the scruffy singing loser and his factually inaccurate songs. They have a big advertising budget, and we are just one little blog trying to explain federal law.

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