Personal Finance Roundup

Beware these 5 insurance traps [MSN Money] “You might think your pets, your kids’ toys and your personal problems are your own darn business. But insurers watch these things — and they could cost you.”

9 tips to tough out the times [CNN Money] “Here’s some help for the toughening times that’ll keep paying off long after the crisis has passed.”

8 Steps for Staying Stress-Free in a Tough Economy [Yahoo Hotjobs] “Use [these] eight tips to manage your stress so you can manage to do (and keep) your job.”

Which Comparison Shopping Site Is Best? [Smart Money] “We put nine major price comparison search engines to the test, hunting down the best prices on eight products.”

Feeling panicky? Here are four reasons not to overreact [Vanguard] “Consider [these] four reasons why sticking with your investment plan, and resisting the temptation to sell, may be your smartest move.”

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  1. Triborough says:

    The image of the “Silver Dollar” looks like one of those non-governmental “coins” you see on TV.

  2. gibbersome says:

    There are two sides to a Balance Sheet – Left & the Right (Liabilities and Assets respectively)

    Looking at AIG, Merrill Lynch, Lehman: On the Left side there is nothing right…and on the right side there is nothing left.