Test Your Personal Finance Skills With These Quizzes

Kiplinger has two quizzes named “Financial Truth or Bunk?“, and they go through some of the more popular tips you’ve heard about personal finance, including lines like:

  • You can’t lose money investing in bonds.
  • Stay-at-home moms or dads need life insurance, too.
  • Don’t buy a red car — it’ll cost more to insure.
  • Dollar-cost averaging boosts investment returns.
  • The percentage of stock in your portfolio should equal 100 minus your age.

If you’re a longtime Consumerist reader, odds are you’ll score pretty high, because in the past year alone we’ve discussed 80-90% of the topics covered in the quizzes. But if you’re a new reader—or just bored at work and like to take quizzes—you should check it out and see if you learn something new.

Let us know in the comments how you did on the quiz, and which questions tripped you up. You know, so we can all laugh at you learn from your mistakes.

“Financial Truth or Bunk?” [Kiplinger]
(Photo: Getty Images)

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