Mother's Cookies Goes Out Of Business, Kills Off Circus Animals

If you’re a fan of those pink and white frosted Circus Animal cookies from Mother’s, either stock up or start priming your nostalgia, because this week the company closed its doors abruptly. They’ve cited the expected reasons—the rising cost of raw materials, and an inability to borrow in the frozen credit market.

Unfortunately, the private equity firm that owns the company (it’s passed through at least four owners in the past 18 years) didn’t give employees the federally required 60-day notice, citing “unforeseeable business circumstances.” If they couldn’t secure money to pay salaries, that may very well be the case.

If you’ve got $20 in your household goods budget and can’t live with the idea of a circus animal-less world, you can make your own with this kid-friendly cookie cutter set. Or just buy some vanilla wafers and pretend you’re eating single-celled organisms, you big baby.

“Mother’s Cookies abruptly shut down” [SFGate] (Thanks to Tom!)

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