AT&T Says Your Jesus Phone Can Be In Three Places At Once, So Pay Up

Wow, those iPhones really are amazing. Chris’ iPhone can make a call from Nicaragua the same time it’s incurring a data roaming charge in Mexico—all without leaving Chris’ side in the U.S. Some skeptics will probably just say there’s a problem with AT&T’s records, or the phone’s SIM card was cloned or something, but AT&T believes. That’s why they want Chris to pay that bill each month it keeps happening.

Here’s his story:

I have been an AT&T/Cingular customer for some time (5+ years). I own small business and have 7 phones with them on a small business plan, my normal monthly bill is well over $300. Shortly after Mother’s day this year I started getting $2000+ bills for roaming in Nicaragua and Mexico. Neither I nor my phone have ever been to Nicaragua. I called AT&T and they actually fixed the problem in a few days and gave me a credit. So far so good.

However, the next month’s bill came and the calls are still there, and the next month and the next month. Finally I had them shut the phone off completely, because they couldn’t stop the billing. So the phone is now off, and I am still paying monthly service on it. However, they managed to rack up over $6,000 in charges for roaming in Mexico and Nicaragua before I forced them to shut it off.

Here’s the kicker, AT&T says the phone is in both places at the same time. Their own bill shows a call being made from Nicaragua at the exact same minute it is incurring a data roaming charge in Mexico. When I point out that this is physically impossible they just respond with “pay the bill,” I imagine it to be similar to what dealing with the Mob must feel like.

I won’t get into the byzantine mess that is AT&T’s dispute issues process (to be fair, in the 5 years before this incident, I always thought they were pleasant and helpful when I called for anything); suffice to say after over 12 hours on the phone with AT&T (who have a wonderful system that won’t allow you to call anyone back), they finally shut my phones off today. This is despite swearing just last night that my service wouldn’t be interrupted.

For the record, despite all these issues I was a “good” customer and continued to pay the portion of my bill that was legit.

Please help, or at least if you can’t help publish this so other people can stay away.

Serves me right for buying an iPhone.


Hey, we didn’t say it, he did.

Chris, have you tried these numbers?

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