I Told Off The Debt Collector

Some punkass debt collector called trying to get a hold of some lady he thinks my girlfriend knows. Here’s roughly how the conversation went. Keep in mind I had just put a bunch of peanuts in my mouth…

DANNY: Hi this is Danny, is this [your girlfriend]
BEN: No it’s not.
DANNY: Can I speak to [your girlfriend]?
BEN: What company are you representing?
GIRLFRIEND: (in background) I’m not here!
DANNY: (low chuckle) What, are you her husband?
BEN: No. What is this about?
DANNY: This is Danny. I’m calling long distance, from Denver, from blahblahBank. I’m trying to reach [your girlfriend]. She was listed as an associate of Jane Terry (name changed), who I’m trying to get in touch with regarding an important matter.
BEN: There’s no [my girlfriend] Terry here.
DANNY: I didn’t say [your girlfriend] Terry, sir, I said Jane Terry. I’m trying to get a hold of [your girlfriend], she’s over there at uh at [this address]?
BEN: She’s not here—
DANNY: —What’s your problem, pal? Are you having a bad day?
BEN: I’m having a great day—
DANNY: —Tries to talk over me—
BEN: —And it’s about to get a whole lot better because I’m going to stop wasting it on mother******* like you. Don’t call here again.

Hung up. Phone rang immediately. Muted.

Under the Fair Debt Collection Practices act, debt collectors are allowed to contact third parties but only to find out your address, phone number, and where you work. This guy didn’t break any rules, there’s no law against having being condescending and arrogant.

(Photo (no that’s not me): Getty)

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