Cellphone Extras Aggregator Mobile Messenger Agrees To Pay Out Triple Damages

If you or your teen racked up surprise monthly fees from Mobile Messenger after texting a random code to a strange number because the tv told you to, then you may be eligible for a refund, if not triple damages.

Mobile Messenger was a classic middleman, managing the billing for third-parties who sold ringtones, games, alerts, jokes, horoscopes, and applications. Since they didn’t directly provide services, your itemized bill might display a short code instead of “Mobile Messenger.” Carefully check this list of codes (pdf) for anything familiar that might have cropped up on your bill.

The scammy subscription pusher’s settlement covers anyone who received an unauthorized charge between January 1, 2005 and August 13, 2008. Mobile Messenger had previously agreed to settle a class action covering only AT&T subscribers; if you’re eligible for both settlements, you can only file one claim form. Sorry!

Class members who received a one-time charge are eligible to dip into a settlement fund of up to $12 million. Anyone who was billed for subscription services without authorization can receive a refund for up to three times the amount of their monthly fee. The settlement is great news for the mother whose son charged $600 in a single month. She can look forward to an $1,800 payout.

The claim forms are available at the class action’s website.

Gray v. Mobile Messenger Class Action Settlement [via Top Class Actions]
(Photo: KB35)

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