MyPhil Lets New Yorkers 35 And Under Build Affordable Concert Subscriptions

MyPhil from the New York Philharmonic lets anyone 35 or younger build their own concert series for $29 per ticket. Nearly every Philharmonic concert is eligible for purchase, and the cheap tickets don’t land you in the cheap seats.

By default, the tickets are sold for the best available seats, usually the second half of the orchestra, but you can switch to any section except for the center or front of the first tier. We highly recommend the stunning view from the front of the second tier.

A MyPhil subscription of three or more concerts also gets you a free year of Time Out New York, which by itself is worth far more than its $19.97 annual sticker price would suggest. Only one caveat: the philharmonic is a vicious fundraiser, and if you give them your phone number, they will call. Sometimes while you’re enjoying a concert.

Still, for music lovers 35 and under, MyPhil presents an unrivaled opportunity to enjoy a world-class symphony orchestra at dumpster-diving prices.

MyPhil – Subscription Series [The New York Philharmonic]

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