Bailout Plan Gets Tax Cuts And Other "Sweeteners" To Help It Pass

Despite the fact that unprecedented outcry from taxpayers overwhelmed the servers hosting the Web sites of the House and its members, forcing administrators to limit e-mails from the public for the first time ever, the steady push toward a bailout plan continues. The newest version of the plain contains what CNN is calling “sweeteners” — tax cuts and health care reforms that are meant to appeal to the holdouts.

CNN says:

The “sweeteners” in the package include:

  • An increase in the amount that the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation will insure in bank accounts: to $250,000, up from $100,000
  • A fix that would prevent middle-class taxpayers from paying the alternative minimum tax
  • A number of tax extensions favored by either Republicans or Democrats
  • Tax exemptions for renewable energy
  • A measure that would require health insurers to treat mental health issues the same way they treat physical illnesses

‘Sweeteners’ could make bailout package sour for House Dems [CNN]
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