Lehman Brothers Headquarters Is Now The Barclays Capital Building

Times are changing. Flickr pool member jamesmarino alerts us to the fact that the Lehman Brothers headquarters in Times Square is now broadcasting its new ownership.

Keep your chin up, bankers.

Here’s Lehman Brothers during happier times…

(Photo: jamesmarino )
(Photo: Hard Seat Sleeper )


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  1. Geblah187 says:

    Next in line for the building: Starbucks!

  2. GreatWhiteNorth says:

    If they just pull off the fixed name at the top… They can use the electronic marque to rename at a moments notice… Barclays… no WaMu… no ING… no…

  3. Inglix_the_Mad says:

    Next in, Crazy Eddie’s Discount Investments!

  4. joel. says:

    That’s efficient. No signage to replace. Brilliant.

  5. sir_eccles says:

    Coming soon:

    Al Harrington’s wacky waving inflatable arm flailing tube man emporium and warehouse

    Thanks to a banking error I am now currently overstocked on wacky waving inflatable arm flailing tube men, and I am passing the savings on to you!!

  6. digitalhen says:

    i can see this from my bedroom. they used to the thing off after midnight… now they don’t. way to save the environment!

  7. nogas2speed says:

    Quite dark for 9:02am in NY.

  8. dmbbnl429 says:

    It was a dark cloudy morning this morning (seriously, bad weather)

  9. corporatedrone says:

    Aw this actually makes me sad… My first job out of college was in this building and I remember being so overwhelmed and awed by it.
    Of course a few months later I was dying to get out, but still – it was special for a while…

  10. chiieddy says:

    THey’re one of my company’s clients and are answering the phones “Barclays” now. The good news is Barclays is using this to get into the US broker/dealer market and very few people on this part of the business (these were not the people who brought down the company) is not going to lose many jobs.

  11. parrotuya says:

    Bye-Bye Lehman Bros. Greed is good! Right?