Found Wall Street ATM Receipt Shows $97,084.23 Balance

With all the concern about unemployed Wall Street sloggers and whether they’ll be able to keep up their leveraged lifestyle, or even get an apartment, this ATM receipt a reader’s coworker found sitting in a Wall Street ATM with a balance of $97,084.23 shows there’s at least one person who is going to be okay. Plus, this guy knows what he’s doing; note how the balance is just under the $100,000 limit for full FDIC coverage.

(Thanks to Miss Dona!)


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  1. sir_eccles says:

    Smart, keeping it under the FDIC insurance limit!

  2. zigziggityzoo says:


  3. hellinmyeyes says:

    Hmm… not sure that posting people’s ATM receipts online like this is quite ethical. I know how many times we’ll see some snooping Chase worker look up the guy’s info and then post it here.

    Either way, must be nice!!

    • Mfalconieri says:

      @hellinmyeyes: Nah…there is no issue… you cannot get any info from what is there.

      • hellinmyeyes says:


        Once again, yes, there is, especially if readers happen to work at any Chase bank with computer access.

        • dahlberg123 says:


          If they work at a bank and have access to the computer system I doubt they would need an ATM slip to gain access.

          Actually, I dated a branch manager for a while and she said they fired, on average 1 person per week for looking into accounts without reason. Every time your account is looked at by someone at the bank it’s tracked and audited.

    • Righteous says:


      Perhaps this isn’t a ethical issue, perhaps it is a PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY issue not to leave your own receipts lying around for others to pick up.

    • u1itn0w2day says:

      @hellinmyeyes: I agree even the last 4 should’ve been blacked out.Even though forgotten ATM slips are common to post it online where computer geeks hang out isn’t a nice move.

      I don’t know,NY money,if this person was living the Wall Street lifestyle or image obsessed that account could deplete pretty fast without a paycheck.

      Yeah,some of us could get 3 years of living out of that and there those to give them their due that stimulate the economy on a regular basis.Meaning give em less than a year.

  4. Tank says:

    i bet the dude dropped the receipt on purpose, just to show his is bigger.

  5. Applekid ┬──┬ ノ( ゜-゜ノ) says:

    I am printing multiple copies of this receipt as we speak. The goal is to keep a bunch of them in my wallet. When I give my number to a woman I will write it on the reverse of the said copies.

    Which probably will work until I pick her up in my 2002 Mazda Protege… at that point the jig is up.

  6. Nogard13 says:

    Who cares what some random guy has in a bank account? I have more than that in several accounts, just not a checking account that someone could rob blind if my ATM card gets stolen.

  7. says:

    yes. some people save a portion of their money, which adds up to a nice lump sum overtime. why all the hating?

    also, this doesn’t necessarily have to belong to an employed/recently unemployed person from wall street. this chase bank just happens to be located on that street.

  8. MyPetFly says:

    “With all the concern about unemployed Wall Street sloggers and whether they’ll be able to keep up their leveraged lifestyle…”

    Name one person that’s concerned… ;)

  9. djsyndrome says:

    He’s obviously got nothing in checking if he’s pulling a Benjamin out of savings. Hope he doesn’t need to do this more than six times a month!

    • stevejust says:

      @djsyndrome: Not at all. Except when I’m waiting for my rent check to clear, I never hold much money in checking. I keep my money in savings because that’s got the highest interest rate, and when I pull from the ATM, I pull out of checking to avoide too many transfers from savings to checking a month.

    • RandomHookup says:

      @djsyndrome: Not necessarily. I usually do all my ATM withdrawals from savings so I won’t end up bouncing a check.

    • Colage says:

      @djsyndrome: The receipt doesn’t tell anyone anything other than the fact that he pulled out $100 at 5:51 yesterday and has about 97k left in savings. I don’t see how people are trying to do some sort of careful exegesis on a receipt, imputing motives, lifestyles, financial health, and so forth.

      Second, for a blog that posts about data security pretty frequently, isn’t it a little hypocritical to post a photocopy of an ATM receipt, especially considering it has absolutely no news value?

  10. zibby says:

    I hear some people even have around a million dollars, but that’s probably just a crazy urban legend.

  11. Burgandy says:

    I knew I dropped that thing somewhere, thanks for finding it for me.

  12. grouse says:

    You don’t have to work for Wall Street to have almost $100,000 in the bank.

  13. balthisar says:

    It is a savings account, not a regular, working checking account. I have nothing close to that in a simple interest bearing account myself, but that quantity isn’t necessarily indicative that he or she will be okay. It’s common for us poor folks to think that life would just be perfect if we had some arbitrary sum of money. We suck.

  14. TimmyGUNZ says:

    Must be nice!

  15. deverbative says:

    Um, that’s a savings account, which indicates this person has less money than they need in their checking account. Indicative of someone having some financial crisis, maybe? So, yeah this does not mean this person is going to be fine. Having a lot of money at one time does not mean you always will.
    Also, why is this being posted at all? Furthermore why am I commenting on it? Where am I?

    • admiral_stabbin says:

      @deverbative: Yep, the last time I pulled $100 out of a near $100K balance I was also having a financial crisis. I didn’t have a spare c-note in my wallet. Can you believe it?!

    • cmdrsass says:

      @deverbative: You’re thinking like a poor person. Checking accounts pay almost no interest. If you need cash available, it makes no sense to keep that balance in anything other than a savings account until you need it – either as an ATM withdrawal or as a transfer to checking for incidental bills. The interest difference will add up.

      I do the same thing – since I have to have money in a regular bank – most of it stays in the highest interest account until I need it.

  16. Thunderpants says:

    Who would keep almost $100,000 in a savings account with a bad rate, besides maybe Elvis? ATM receipt littering bugs me in general, but thanks to this horrible habit I have now completely forgotten about my own money troubles and am playing fantasy stockbroker with this stranger’s money. Thanks!

    • RandomHookup says:

      @Thunderpants: Of course, if he/she just got a big bonus, now may not be the best time to invest it. Even the money market funds are taking a beating.

      • verdantpine says:

        @RandomHookup: And perhaps this is one account of several (to keep under the $100,000). Or this person wisely wants to have at least one savings account which may be low interest, but very liquid (easy to tap without incurring fees).

  17. strayxray says:

    Since he’s getting 2.25% (or so) interest from Chase, he is making about $180 a month in interest. If he didn’t take out money, he’d be over the FDIC limits in about a year and a half.

    I’m sure that is his highest concern at the moment. :)

  18. dragonfire81 says:

    Could easily be a business account…or someone that has just recieved a large payout for something (selling a house, inheritance, insurance claim, etc.)

    Or someone who just got a loan for something.

  19. Kevin says:

    This guy needs to find a hot chick, write his number on the back and give it to her. Guaranteed she’ll call him within hours.

  20. dieselman8 says:

    i call photoshop fake!!!

  21. maztec says:

    Dunno, but I really think you should have redacted the remainder of the number . . .

  22. Etoiles says:

    Just to put it in perspective:

    Two years ago a 16×23 studio apartment on the Upper East Side went at about $1650/month. A good-sized 1-bed in someplace like Park Slope or Williamsburg (both Brooklyn) runs about $2000. I got priced out of a 3-bed in Harlem that I was sharing with a roommate when the rent stabilization threshold broke (it got up to over $2000 in small increments) and they jacked it to $3000/month. $50 worth of groceries in most Manhattan stores is equal to about $35 worth of groceries here in VA.

    So that $95,000, while not an insubstantial sum, doesn’t necessarily go as far as some might think it would. New York’s a vicious cycle like that.

  23. AceGebroni says:

    There used to be a website you could buy those receipts on….in hopes of giving a girl your number on ‘the only thing you have to write on’ and then she would see the account balance and her panties would magically drop off.

  24. Sugarless says:

    I think everyone’s making too many assumptions about this person based on that printed balance – I’ve seen balances like that change with one or two transactions.

    Also, how do you know the account doesn’t belong to someone guilty of fraud of some sort? I’m unimpressed.

  25. quail says:

    The thing is that’s one account. This person could have multiple accounts at the same bank, like another checking account or savings account. If the total is over $100K they could stand to lose part of the amount that’s over $100K, or be unable to access that amount for a period of time.

  26. wgrune says:

    Maybe it’s a receipt for the US Treasury account. Thats all the money this country has saved up.

  27. moore850 says:

    Balance? Pshaw! That figure is my daily ATM withdrawl average.

  28. bologna_wallet says:

    Rather inappropriate ot be posting this. If this is supposed to evoke feelings that Wall Street professionals are overpaid, you are certianly going about it the wrong way.

  29. ben_linus says:

    Actually, why does he have that much money in a brick-and-mortar savings account? Does Chase offer some incredible interest that I don’t know about? My guess is that he’s doing it wrong, and missing out on a pretty good chunk of interest he could be having if his money were in an online savings account.

    • econobiker says:

      @ben_linus: Sometimes banks give perks to folks who keep XX,XXX dollars in their accounts. Like free checking or a slightly better than flatline interest rates, etc

      • Sudonum says:

        One bank I do business with takes a full point off of commercial loans just because I keep $100k there in a savings account. The commercial loan I have outstanding with them right now is half a million. So I save interest on the loan and make a couple points on the deposit. And the money is completely liquid. If I remove it from the account the loan rate resets up a point.

  30. mugsywwiii says:

    Seriously, you thought this was worth a post?

  31. johnfrombrooklyn says:

    Consumerist: Really not cool to be posting this receipt with even partial personal information on it. One can draw no conclusion from this receipt other than that there is an account with $97,000 in it. BFD. You’ve contributed nothing to any discussion and just posted someone’s information on your blog. Ironic how often you write about company’s losing our personal data but then you post this info on purpose.

  32. missdona says:

    My coworker (the receipt finder) and I came up with a whole backstory for this guy. He’s single, lives on the UWS or Soho and this is his fun-money account (he doesn’t care about the bad interest rate, it’s all about being liquid). The rest of his money is in different brokerage accounts. He took out the $100 to go out with his friends after work.

  33. jgonzz says:

    Dear non-New Yorkers, There are thousands of people that earn well over $1million a year that live in NYC. This $97k receipt isn’t a big deal..

    • Sparerib says:

      @jgonzz: Dear New Yorkers, you are so way awesome and better than us. What with your little tiny cute living spaces, your lazy river traffic, and your totally championship sports teams. It may not be a big deal, but gosh darn you guys sure are!

  34. Ben Popken says:

    Lighten up you kobolds.

  35. RomeoCache says:

    I hate to break it to you, but yes there are people out there with money. Who cares? Since when is a hundred thousand in a bank account newsworthy? A person on WALL STREET has money… I’m shocked! Add about 5 more zeroes and then I might find it interesting.

    And another thing… why do you assume the receipt belongs to a guy??? Anybody with a halfway decent job in NYC could save up this much after a few years if they really tried.

  36. ZukeZuke says:

    I don’t see the big deal with having $100k in the bank (PLENTY of people do! Believe it!), but this person is not very smart if they have it in a simple low-interest savings account and they’re careless enough to just leave the receipt in the machine.

    What was funny to me was that they only need $100 in walking-around money. I never withdraw less than $300 at a shot, just to reduce time-wasting trips to the ATM.

  37. bbb111 says:

    He/She might be buying a condo tomorrow and that account has the down payment. I’ve had large amounts in my savings or checking for short times (although not that much).

    Or, he/she could have sold some investments and has not transferred it to the new ones.

    Plus, it probably is a Money Market rate savings account – Chase has accounts with tiered interest rates that pays 2.23% for 50K to 100K balances. [2.37% for over 250K]

  38. ViperBorg says:

    My ATM Receipt! You found it! Thanks!

    I frackin’ wish…

  39. econobiker says:

    This reminds me of the joke one of my friends played on his girlfriend (who he later married). (They both are pretty sarcastic wiseasses and even to eachother.) He used to say he did not have alot of money and she would complain that he was lying. He waited for the right opportunity to get trick her…

    While they were dating she would borrow his car occasionally since it got better gas mileage than her clunker. So he finds an ATM receipt at his bank ATM with an over $20k balance showing. He then leaves it on the passenger floor of his car with all his other mess of receipts and papers. Leaves it under the mess, not easily found if one is not looking through the mess…

    Next time his girlfriend returns from borrowing the car she asks if he really has money issues. To which he pleads ignorance, then she confronts him with the $20k receipt. To which he asks if she has been snooping on him? She had to backtrack and say she was just cleaning the car out and found the receipt. She then had to “borrow” the car again (in order to actually clean it out.) When she returned with the car the second time he let her in on the joke proving it via the ATM card numbers not matching and thanked her for cleaning out his car. She was mad but got the joke…

  40. easy2panic says:

    Sweet! I now know the ATM number, date, and time; now I can go stalk that ATM Tuesdays at 5:50 PM and hope that guy returns.

    Minor detail: I’m not a criminal and I don’t live in NYC, but there are many others who do who could now have this info.

    • missdona says:

      @easy2panic: Because you don’t live in NY, you wouldn’t know this, but the foot traffic in the area would make it nearly impossible to find a specific user at an ATM. I’d bet that ATM is in constant use between 4-8 every night after work.

      They’d have as good of a shot getting someone with a tiny balance.

  41. jackal676 says:

    Jeez Beepop, how could you be so irresponsible and post the last four digits of his account? It would only take 900 billion guesses or so to figure out the rest; you’re practically forcing identity theft onto this poor schmuck. I think you should do the right thing and offer to pay a year’s worth of credit monitoring for him/her.

  42. EmmettArcesius says:

    When I was working at Apple Fifth Avenue I was standing in line behind an older guy at the CitiBank ATM a block away from the store. I glanced over his shoulder and saw a balance of almost a million dollars… in his friggin bank account! Imagine how I felt when I got to the terminal and took out $40 from my $200 balance! Fifth Ave perfectly illustrates the class divide in America. People are living below the street in the subway, while above them the richest people in the world stride around oblivious. And the working middle class like me serve them.

  43. CallieGabuldury says:

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  44. OmarMojojojo says:

    That’s just enough to live for one month in NYC, right?

  45. NaomiShark says:

    I agree. My ATM account (which is my checking account) never has more than about $2,000 or $3,000 in it. The rest of my money is either invested or, if it MUST be in a bank account for ready access, in something that offers higher interest.

  46. enderx says:

    Wow. What consumerist won’t post. I can’t believe the ethical choice ya’ll made. wow.

  47. Andamom says:

    I’m really not sure what the objective in posting this was. There are people who have money and work in the Financial District – but isn’t that obvious? There is an economic divide in America too, but again, that’s obvious.

    Showing an ATM receipt proves nothing.

    -You don’t know if this person got a loan for a business from a family member that coincidentally happened to be under the 100K mark.

    -You don’t know if this person works for an IB — there are tons of firms in that vicinity – heck it could have been someone in the mafia, in the City government, in advertising, etc.

    -You don’t know whether this person was visiting from out of town either.

    Really – sad.

  48. UnicornMaster says:

    I don’t know, I see the cup as half empty. After all, he/she probably had 100,000 and has been dipping INTO their SAVINGS because they’re not doing quite as well. Anytime you have to pull money out of your savings at an ATM is not a good thing.

  49. UnicornMaster says:

    I haven’t heard one complaint about the ATM account owner littering and not putting his receipt in the rubbish bin. You’re killing the earth!