Vindictive Qwest Employee Slashes Six Phone Lines

KTVZ in Redmond is reporting that a vindictive Qwest employee is running around slashing phone lines “to get back at” another technician. Six phone lines have already been cut, prompting Qwest to launch an investigation.

Janine Butler said, “This person could come into my home during the day, during the evening time. They could steal, rob, rape. We live in a scary time.”

But this isn’t just scary, she says – it’s dangerous. Because they don’t have cell phones, and her husband, Dave, is diabetic, she says her phone line is her lifeline.

“If he went into shock, he could die,” she explained. “It is a life-threatening problem that we have without a phone.”

Bob Gravely can’t say if Qwest is looking at one particular person, but he did say they take any network disruption very seriously, and an investigation was under way immediately.

Stay alert, citizens! The Qwest slasher remains on the loose and is presumably armed with slashing tools. You or your phone line could be next!

Redmond couple told Qwest tech cut phone line [KTVZ] (Thanks to Geoffrey!)

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