US Airways Saving Money Because Nobody Is Buying Their Drinks?

US Airways says that their decision to start charging for water, coffee and soft drinks is working — because no one is buying them.

The attendants, who initially opposed the program, would “riot” if the airline tried to return to the old system of free nonalcoholic beverages, President Scott Kirby said Thursday at a Calyon Securities conference in New York.

“Logjams in the aisles, significant trash collection, lines at the restrooms — all those things are largely gone on US Airways because fewer people are buying and drinking sodas,” he said. “We spend less money, we generate a little revenue, and those problems are largely gone.”

The spokesperson for the flight attendants in question thinks Scott Kirby is full of you know what:

“Kirby’s comment that we would riot is just his way of telling himself they made the right decision,” said Mike Flores, president of the Assn. of Flight Attendants-CWA at US Airways.

“This is the very tip of the iceberg on what they’re going to want us to sell,” Flores said. “It’s going to be everything from pillows and blankets to cellphone chargers.”


US Airways sees benefits of charging for drinks
[LA Times]
(Photo: Jenna Belle )

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