Wrigley Field Unloads WaMu Swag On Fans Before Its Too Late

Stacy writes:

My husband and I were at the Cubs/Brewers game at Wrigley Field last night. At the door we were surprised to be given WaMu promotional string backpack/bags. This was in addition to the announced promotion, Carlos Zambrano bobbleheads.

Anyway, I was thinking that since the WaMu stuff was unannounced, they may have given it out last night (and earlier than planned) due to the uncertainty about their future/name. Probably wouldn’t have worked later this season or next season!

(Photo: Bucklava)


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  1. nybiker says:

    I like the picture. Can’t happen soon enough.

  2. Greasy Thumb Guzik says:

    WaMu swag will be worth as much as 2008 Cubs World Series tickets.

  3. CaptRavis says:

    Ah, a new specimen for my collection of failed bank coffe mugs.

  4. BrianDaBrain says:

    LOL, that’s just great. They’d have to pay me to take the stuff, I think. Perhaps something good will come out of the banks-as-falling-dominoes thing in that maybe better banks that are competently managed will rise up and take over. Ah, wishful thinking.

    In reality, Bank of America will soon rule the world. *cringe*

  5. TechnoDestructo says:

    You can take your money out of your WaMu account and keep it in the WaMu backpack.

  6. rdwarrior says:

    I don’t know what’s with all the WaMu hate. I’ve always only had great service at WaMu. It’s a better bank then most of the other major banks.

  7. varro says:

    I’m transferring my accounts over to the credit union from WaMu, but only because I don’t want Chase The Fees or Bank of Fees taking them over and deciding to put more monthly and per-transaction fees on WaMu customers used to free checking…

  8. Ixnayer says:

    Go with a local bank, I have 1st Mariner here in Maryland and they’re hurting a little but they have a good CEO that set them up to survive. I’ve never had a problem with them.

  9. enine says:

    “Go with a local bank” Most local banks contract out most of their services through one of the big banks these days so the little b anks do’t really protect you.

  10. femmesavante says:

    I’m really hoping Wamu stays afloat. They’ve been a great bank for me. Chase on the other hand sucked ass.

  11. cliffordthered says:

    Wamu has been great for me – no fees, great hours and they basically leave you alone. Wells Fargo and Citi were a ripoff.