13 Email Addresses For An Office Max EECB

In case your efforts to deal with Office Max customer service fail, and you’ve escalated to a supervisor, here are 13 working email addresses you can use to send off an EECB.

williambonner@officemax.com, ryanvero@officemax.com, samduncan@officemax.com, jimdurkin@officemax.com, randyburdick@officemax.com, reubeneslone@officemax.com, reubenslone@officemax.com, customerservice@officemax.com, executivecustomerservice@officemax.com, jenniferrook@officemax.com, sammartin@officemax.com, doncivgin@officemax.com, investor@officemax.com

Need help drafting that letter? Here’s a template for writing a good one, and some tips from a professional complaint letter writer.

(Photo: theogeo)

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