Readers' Favorite 3rd Party Online Wishlists

A number of readers chimed in on the Best Buy-branded wishlist browser add-on post with the alternatives they prefer instead. They were: 1) Amazon’s Universal Wishlist, 2), 3), 4) Got any others? As far as what most Consumerist’s thought of the Best Buy add-on, commenter dragonfire81 probably captured it best…

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  1. zigziggityzoo says:

    I’m a huge fan of the Amazon Universal Wishlist. Mostly because I like buying from amazon, and if it’s not on there, it will be soon. It’s a great way to add items that are “coming soon”… Oh, and I put a Mini Clubman Sport on my wishlist…you know…just in case.

  2. kostia says:

    I use [] for this, have for years. I really like the searchability of it, and I can put the bookmarklet anywhere, even on an iPhone. Also cool is that they provide code for a “badge” for your own site, and you can search and browse other people’s Wists as well (if you mark a gift for a friend or an item of a personal nature, you can make it private). I was tempted by the Amazon wishlist when it came out, but the idea of moving all my Wists over is just too much.

  3. Kat says:

    I use . I recently discovered Amazon’s universal wishlist and tried it, but I’ve already got all my non-books-and-movies on Kaboodle, and it has better features, like automatically picking up the price and item description. Amazon was just too late for me.

  4. punkrawka says:

    If the #1 reason for hating the Best Buy add-on is that “non-Best Buy purchases are none of their damned business,” why is Amazon’s program, which has the same privacy issues, the #1 recommended alternative?

  5. nightshade74 says:

    I’ve only used []
    which seemed to do the job…

  6. hipersons says:

    i started using wish central a while back and have been reluctant to switch. it’s not the easiest thing ever to use, but its free, allows me to add pictures and prices and info, so it’s good.

  7. DeltaTee says:

    [] has been awesome over the past 7 years.

  8. meyerpflug says:

    In an effort to aid Google’s takeover of everything Internet, I’ve been using Google’s shopping portal, []

    You can create a shopping list for your own personal use or convert that to a wish list that you can send to friends and family.

  9. The only wish lists I frequent are the ones I have on Newegg. Though I never buy anything in time so the items are automatically removed :(

  10. twritersf says:

    If you use a real browser (Firefox), you can get an extansion/add-on for (which is now, owned by Yahoo).

  11. selianth says:

    Last Christmas my family used – we especially liked the ‘secret suggestions’ feature.

  12. gryphyn says:

    Another vote here for Kaboodle. Not only do I use use it for wishlists but other list types as well. I have one called “How to do…” that lists those websites that tell me how to do things like make free ringtones or whatnot.

  13. ckilgore says:

    I like ThisNext – it has some fun social networking-y aspects, but you can also have a plain ol’ wish list of you want it.

  14. CyberSkull says:

    I don’t use any universal wish list.