BBB Warns Consumers: Stay Away From TicketsMyWay

The complaints about TicketsMyWay—the Las Vegas-based ticket broker that doesn’t actually deliver the tickets it sells, then threatens you with litigation or fines if you attempt to get your money back—have reached a high enough level to earn a Consumer Alert from the Better Business Bureau:

[Parent company] Event Tickets LLC has an unsatisfactory rating from BBB due to its performance, which includes nearly 100 instances of non-delivery of tickets, nearly another 100 complaints involving refunds and exchanges, and on about 200 occasions, the company has failed to even respond to BBB or consumers to resolve issues.

Remember, avoid this company when buying tickets. We’ve heard only bad things about them, and have yet to hear of any sort of resolution or follow-up story that would make us change our minds.

“BBB Warns Sports Fans, Concert-Goers, and Theater Buffs: Beware of” (Thanks to Cheriset!)
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  1. sleze69 says:

    I am glad the BBB put out this alert but…

    the company has failed to even respond to BBB or consumers to resolve issues

    I think it is funny that the BBB gets upset when people have the audacity to not respond since, they have no greater power over these companies than the does.

    Although public shaming does hold power over those companies who care about their image.

  2. timmus says:

    Wow, great job, Nevada Attorney General! Nice to see you looking out for your state.

  3. JN2 says:

    If the company was called, Tickets Your Way, I might take them a bit more serious.

  4. Mr. Guy says:

    these guys are such transparent criminals, it’s amazing that the DA of Clark Co. Nevada (which their terms and conditions page helpfully informs you IN THE FIRST PARAGRAPH ON THE PAGE is the jurisdiction where you’ll have to bring any legal proceedings against them) hasn’t charged them with fraud yet.

  5. Elcheecho says:

    can i just say that the BBB is useless.

  6. davere says:

    I’m surprised that anyone would trust ticket purchases to a company with such an amateurish website. There are warning flags on just about every page.

  7. Tremblor says:

    I work for a phone company and handle the BBB complaints when we get ’em (about 1 a month or so). The BBB is useless, and as long as I give a half-decent response they give us a OK rating. In fairness most complaints to the BBB (for everyone, not just me) are “I didn’t bother reading the fine print, and now i’m mad”.

    BBB complaints only really work if:
    A) the person who reads them has the power to fix things or
    B) the company is an “accredited” member of the BBB. You have to pay for that, so they work on keeping their reputation good.

  8. Trick says:

    More amazing is how hard these scumbags work at keep the negative complaints to a minimum. The website is a total mess with real complaints, fake compliments and even fake stories about being sued by TicketsMyWay and losing over $3000!

    These scam artists are really working hard at trying to keep their criminal activities to a minimum and they are failing miserably at it.

  9. mmcnary says:

    I think that everyone should immediately order some tickets from these guys with our credit cards, then initiate a chargeback. If 100,000 people did this, the resulting chargebacks would cost about $750,000. I doubt that they could withstand that kind of hit.

    • Mr_D says:

      @mmcnary: Unfortunately, doing that would probably be against the rules, and is unsporting anyway. Sure, they’re probably not going to come through, but you didn’t even give them a fighting chance.

  10. Canino says:

    I’m pretty wary of the BBB since my company periodically receives complaints obviously meant for a large and well-known company that isn’t located in my city (just because the first few letters of our company names are the same). I know if we don’t respond we’ll get black marks at the BBB even though they haven’t even tried to contact the correct company.

    Getting an alert issued does take quite a few complaints though.

    • bbb_alison says:

      @Canino: If you have time to shoot me an email and let me know your company’s name, I can touch base with your local BBB and hopefully clear up the confusion over misdirected complaints, apreszler[at]

  11. akacrash says:

    Isn’t what they do just a fancy way of saying “stealing”?

    Can you file mail fraud charges against them for something like this?

  12. simplegreen says:

    go look at the site.. it looks like a 7 year old put it together.. i wouldn’t buy anything from here in the first place.

  13. mike says:

    Has anyone ever had any contact with this company? Like talked with a human?

    I’d be interested to see if they’re a nigerian prince or something.

  14. johnfrombrooklyn says:

    How do these people keep merchant accounts with the credit card companies? Usually Visa/Mastercard will close down an account if fraud is this apparent.

  15. Taubin says:

    You know there is something wrong when their administrative and technical contact uses a yahoo email address…

    Administrative Contact:
    Event Tickets LLC
    Event Tickets
    3131 Meade Ave Suite C
    Las Vegas, NV 89102
    Phone: +1.8884424404

  16. manhattan says:

    Obviously the site is being run by an individual trying to scam the innocent. What kind of merchant account is this individual using? And why won’t he get shutdown due to high complaint volume? The site seems very unprofessional and fishy. “Will beat ANY brokers price”… Very shady sounding. I hope everyone gets their money back. Air Force Ones, Air Jordans / Jordan Shoes, Jordan Release Dates, Nike Dunks and Nike SB Shoes.