Best Buy (Accidentally) Announces Yet Another "Elite" Reward Zone Level? "Premier Black?"

Reader Andrew forwarded an email he just got from Best Buy letting him know that he now qualified for an even more special fantastic elite reward zone level. One in which he would be granted access to something called a “Premier Black Concierge.” We’re assuming this is like Reward Zone Silver but, more so.

Andrew says:

I thought this was interesting when you consider that I have not made a purchase there in over a year. Apparently not as “elite” as they claim.

We tried to snoop around Best Buy’s site for more information, but we got one of those “we’re too busy” messages, so we’re guessing “elite” may be something of an exaggeration. In fact, we’re hearing that the email might be a mailing list error. Whoopsy.

According to the commenters on this CrunchGear post, the email was most definitly a huge mistake on Best Buy’s part. Aw, think of all the disappointed people who mistakenly thought they were elite.

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