Best Buy (Accidentally) Announces Yet Another "Elite" Reward Zone Level? "Premier Black?"

Reader Andrew forwarded an email he just got from Best Buy letting him know that he now qualified for an even more special fantastic elite reward zone level. One in which he would be granted access to something called a “Premier Black Concierge.” We’re assuming this is like Reward Zone Silver but, more so.

Andrew says:

I thought this was interesting when you consider that I have not made a purchase there in over a year. Apparently not as “elite” as they claim.

We tried to snoop around Best Buy’s site for more information, but we got one of those “we’re too busy” messages, so we’re guessing “elite” may be something of an exaggeration. In fact, we’re hearing that the email might be a mailing list error. Whoopsy.

According to the commenters on this CrunchGear post, the email was most definitly a huge mistake on Best Buy’s part. Aw, think of all the disappointed people who mistakenly thought they were elite.


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  1. legwork says:

    Is this the level where he finally gets to meet the little grey dudes from the ship?

  2. Darklighter says:

    Yeah, I got this, too, and I’ve never come close to spending that much.

  3. ECN2 says:

    I got this for two different Best Buy Rewards accounts that I have (work and personal). Neither accounts are used very much. You think Best Buy may have sent this to all members by mistake?

  4. Ixnayer says:

    I think its where you get an extra .01% off all geeksquad purchases.

  5. viewsource says:

    I just got this as well. I don’t spend much money at Best Buy, but I did just get a Verion wireless card through them.

  6. Dave says:

    Someone at Best Buy must really be wishing they didn’t hit the “Enter” key right now. Definitely some mopping up to do for all those loyal members…

  7. bronsthermonster says:

    Like others, I received the e-mail. I don’t spend much there at all and certainly not recently. I haven’t been able to successfully click on the link in the e-mail.

  8. GothamGal says:

    I have been a Best Buy member for about 3 weeks, and I’ve already made Black Elite status – fantastic. I can’t wait to never use their geek squad services. I blame my husband for this, he bought a laptop from them.

    • Aisley says:


      “Black Elite status”.

      It is a mistake? How disapointing, my husband and I were thinking that we finally made it to the “Black Elite”. Oh well, what a heck, I guess we’ll have to continue as Blacks out of the Elite

  9. dlynch says:

    why will they only hire black concierges?

  10. Morac says:

    I got this as well. When I went to the link I got an error page. Of course now the whole site is down.

    I wonder what I’ll do with my very own “concierge”.

  11. Geekybiker says:

    Shhhhhh the first rule of premier black, is don’t talk about premier black!

  12. wenhaver says:

    Yeah, I just got this too… and I can honestly say that I haven’t purchased ANYTHING from BB in well over a year. In fact, I think I’ve used my Rewards Zone card twice since I bought a computer there in 2005. Yep, I’m an Elite Member, alright!

  13. crichton007 says:

    I don’t buy much there either and I received this email. My guess is that they’re hoping that if they make us feel special we’ll want to shop there more. (You can’t see me rolling my eyes right now.)

  14. BStu says:

    See, and here I was just thinking Best Buy’s standards were really low to have included me. It feels better knowing they are just doing this for everyone and flat out pretending its exclusive.

  15. Timewalker says:

    Just got the e-mail myself.

  16. digitalhen says:

    i’ve never even used mine and i’m premier black :D

  17. cubsd says:

    Premier Black is the new black.

  18. yasth says:

    I think they screwed up their database query to grab $0 spenders as I got it too.

    The Silver membership requires >$2500 in a single year, so I fear what the black must require. I imagine the benefits are nice though. (Though if they are like the silver, they are mostly of the free evaluation of ways you can spend more money variety)

  19. I’m the same as the above, I got the e-mail, but clicking on the links either takes you to an error page or the regular Reward Zone page.

  20. cloud-on-a-bike says:

    Oh man, I just got one too and I am sad that I am not apart of the elite Best Buy Army!

    …I am seriously a little sad cause the free shipping on sounded nice. Oh well, I can’t wait for the e-mail we all get from BBY saying that we’re really failures and that we should kill ourselves promptly for not reaching premier black status for realz…

  21. I didn’t get anything, but then I’m already Blackwatch Plaid.

  22. fallingbrick says:


    I got two invites, one for my current RZ number and another for an older number that I had to replace when my card wore out and wouldn’t scan any more.

    I consider this more evidence that this was a mailing list error.

  23. metsarethe... says:

    @Braves Journal – I see your Blackwatch Plaid and raise you Super Platinum Black Elite status

  24. laserjobs says:

    Just like giving the “premium” seats in a seminar. Keep the spenders focused on your product at all times so they continue to spend money. The “premium” seats are also known as the “Sucker Seats” in a seminar.

  25. triggerh says:

    Its a pilot program where they offer the status to people who haven’t been shopping very much at Best Buy recently, but have made large purchases in the past.

  26. coan_net says:

    I signed up for the Reward Zone when it first came out – when it cost money to join (in which I purchased enough music & such that it covered the cost)

    But ever since they started to give it away free to anyone – and myself, as a PAID member of the club getting NOTHING in return for my dedication – I said screw Best Buy and have hardly been back since.

  27. British Benzene says:

    I got this and while I used BB rewards a lot previously, I stopped when they gimped it. It’s possible that is what they are trying to do, get their big spenders back. Now that $250 in spending = $5 certificate, it’s not worth it.

  28. badgeman46 says:

    People better fill Best Buy in that there is a weak economy, and people arent going to spend that extra dough on anything just to make themselves feel upity, important and pretentious. Just look at Starbucks! They are in the tank! “Upgrade” marketing is so 2005.

  29. *Laughs* I got invited. I’ve spent over $40,000 at Best Buy, but virtually nothing (what, ~$500?) in the last year or so. I figured it must be based on the person’s customer ranking (mine is high despite now being a useless customer). Come to find it was just a screw-up. Haha…

    I was looking at the email and the only thing that seemed interesting was the free shipping at But I figured I probably wouldn’t even be using that seeing as how I could probably find cheaper prices on an item elsewhere if I had enough time to wait for shipping.

  30. Howie411 says:

    Someone’s getting fired.

  31. arl84 says:

    Awe, and I thought I was special :-(

    Did anyone NOT receive this e-mail?

    • lr0405 says:

      @arl84: I did not receive this e-mail. Does that make me special?
      If this offer ends up being true, I’d LOVE to see the fine print. 45 day extended return policy? Ha!

  32. xman31 says:

    i got invited and I probably have only spent $5000 in the last 5 years (or since whenever I got the card. I bought a laptop about 3 years ago. Nothing else big-ticket since.

  33. SKURRY says:

    I just got the email. Made since thought because I spend way too much there. I wonder if people will start demanding free shipping now.

  34. PatrickIs2Smart says:

    First Pizza Hut has a great deal, then Steve Jobs is kinda dead, and now I’m super special at Best Buy? I can’t handle all this!

  35. David M says:

    Don’t they have to honor my Black Elite membership now that they offered it to me? Surely they wouldn’t un-invite us? :(

  36. rpm773 says:

    Premier Black Concierge can help you

    locate out of stock items – I thought that’s what NewEgg and Amazon were for..

    give you special access to the store – Like what, the employee bathroom? The lounge?

  37. Parting says:

    Costco offers ”concierge service” on most electronics. For Free. Basically it’s tech support on phone. Which is a nice addition, for some people, who are technologically ”handicapped” or simply beginners.

    And they have great customer service.

  38. nagumi says:

    Uhm… I don’t think I need my Premier Concierge to be black.

  39. jeffc666 says:

    Damn, I thought that I was so elite that now I get to be part of the GeekSquad and take porn off of customer’s computers. Oh well.

    Oh and I have not shopped at Best Buy in several years…

  40. Boatski says:

    damnit, i thought i was elite :(

  41. nycwhofan says:

    I received that email too. I’m pretty sure I’ve never even been in a Best Buy, let alone spent money there.

  42. usmcmoran says:

    Doesnt anyone see the bigger picture here? look at the photo, thats joey greco from the tv show cheaters
    Joey: they’re coming out of best buy….ok we’re on our way

  43. stacye says:

    I got this email too… When you click the link an “Error – We’re sorry!” page appears. Guess I’m not elite either :(

    We’re Sorry!

    The Best Buy® Reward Zone® program is always looking at ways to make our program even better for our members. You have inadvertently and inaccurately received this e-mail during an initial testing process. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience or confusion. You continue to maintain your current membership status. If you are eligible for the Reward Zone program Premier Black pilot that will be run in a limited number of select areas, we will notify you by a separate email. If you have any questions about this or the Reward Zone program, please view our Program Overview page or contact our Customer Service Center at 1-888-237-8289. Thank you.

  44. Trick says:

    My e-mail just arrived… I long ago banned Best Buy and didn’t even know I was still in the rewards program.

    The only way Best Buy can consider me elite is if they add the money I have stirred away from the stores by telling family, friends and co-workers about better options.

    $25,000+ and counting has not been spent at Best Buy thanks to me!!

  45. spunky_redhead15 says:

    yeah, i got one of those emails, too…i find it funny and figured it got sent to everyone since i can’t remember the last time i’ve used my RZMC and i don’t have a standard rz membership. come to think about it, i haven’t been in our best buy since the day i quit there in june…and i don’t plan on going back any time soon.

  46. I haven’t received a cancellation email yet, but I imagine it is coming. Out of curiosity I logged into my account. There’s a message on the left-hand side:

    “You are only $358.71 from qualifying for Premier Silver membership.”

    Gods… was that $2500 in one year? I doubt they intended it, but if that’s how much I’ve spent in the last year there, that’s a pretty depressing message. I’m probably going to clear the difference with a client purchase next week. Now that’s the really depressing part.

  47. Addendum: So the bonus to RewardZone, especially for the RZMC, is pretty cool-if you actually shop there and take advantage of it. I love the GeekSquad in-home consultation:

    “Premier Silver status also entitles you to a complimentary annual Geek Squad® home theater consultation* – a $99.99 value! During the consultation, you’ll also get a coupon for $100 off any future Best Buy home theater purchase totaling $499 or more.”

    That’s basically bringing them into your home to hear a sales pitch. Maybe it is a bit like going to one of those hard-sell timeshare sessions for whatever cool reward it is that they offer you to endure it (hoping that you will bite, or be tricked into biting). But you only get $100 off a large home theatre purchase. I’m not sure that’s even worth the time enduring an in-home visit…

  48. Yay spam!

    “And if you’re a Reward Zone® program MasterCard cardmember, you’ll receive Premier Silver status for spending $2,500 anywhere on your Reward Zone program MasterCard in a calendar year – whether at Best Buy or anywhere else MasterCard is accepted.”

    I guess if someone has the card and sees a benefit to the Silver program, then, reaching the $2500 limit is a trivial task.

  49. I got that same e-mail. LOL.

  50. nez77 says:

    I didn’t get this e-mail, maybe because I actually bought about $300 worth of stuff there in the past 2 months. So… it’s not good for active members?

  51. TheSpatulaOfLove says:

    So now that I’m Premier Black, do I get to waltz on by all those suckers who camped out on Black Friday at opening and get the deals while looking well rested, warm and with my bigass Starbucks coffee in my hand?

  52. badhatharry says:

    I went black. Now I’m facing a difficult decision about whether or not to go back.

  53. The Best Buy® Reward Zone® program is always looking at ways to make our program even better for our members. Today, you may have inadvertently and inaccurately received the below message during an initial email testing process. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience or confusion. You continue to maintain your current membership status. If you are eligible for the Reward Zone program Premier Black test that will run in a limited number of select markets, we will notify you by a separate email. If you have any questions about this or the Reward Zone program, please visit or contact our Customer Service Center at 1-888-237-8289. Thank you.

    The Best Buy Reward Zone program team

    Just rolled into the inbox

  54. RDAC says:


    Ha ha! You aren’t special.

    Thanks BB.

  55. gonz says:

    Just want to say I too got the email. I went to the site to login to my account. And I was surprised to see a $5 coupon waiting for me. I guess that has been sitting there for a while since I opted out of the mailings for my rewards at the beginning of the year. I also want to add that I got a call from best buy last weekend to remind me to use the bonus coupons that they sent in the mail. Don’t now if it was a real person or a recording since my flatmate answered the phone.

  56. I got *two* premiere black e-mails from Best Buy.

    Does that make me Super Elite?

  57. xaqdesign says:

    yea, I got it too…I have used rewards zone exactly ONE time…when I signed up for it.

  58. Raziya says:

    Awesome, I work at Best Buy customer service.

    I just KNOW people are gonna come in and try to return stuff and then say “Well, I DID get this email…!”


  59. RandomHookup says:

    I think I saw some adult movie entitled “Premier Black, Concierge”. Not much plot, though.

  60. vdragonmpc says:

    Does this mean that they will mail the Rewards Zone sales crap BEFORE The sale is over?

    I always get the lil brochure and coupon right after the sale ends and I have a very short time to use the Reward Zone coupon.

    I just buy dvd-rs there. They have been worthless price wise for almost everything. Not to mention the stupid checkout maze..

  61. vladthepaler says:

    Some concierges prefer the term “African American”

  62. stezton says:

    I got this email, too, and at first I thought maybe I had crossed a spending barrier because I bought a xbox 360 and a HDTV (along with lots of cds) in the last year. Alas, it does look like an error like everyone says because I logged onto the Rewards Zone and everything was the same.

  63. fall_farewell says:

    Maybe when you reach the highest reward zone level, they finally let you talk to people that actually know something about the products they are selling.