45 Disney Email Addresses

If you have a problem with anything in the galaxy of Disney products and regular customer service doesn’t help you, and a supervisor won’t help you, here are 45 high-ranking email addresses to sent your well-crafted, sensible complaint letter to, what we here at Consumerist call the “EECB” or “executive email carpet bomb.”

andy.bird@disney.com, andrew.bird@disney.com, garth.steever@disney.com, bob.weise@disney.com, robert.weise@disney.com, alan.braverman@disney.com, ronald.iden@disney.com, ron.iden@disney.com, kevin.mayer@disney.com, christine.mccarthy@disney.com, zenia.mucha@disney.com, preston.padden@disney.com, dennis.shuler@disney.com, brent.woodford@disney.com, george.bodenheimer@disney.com, richard.cook@disney.com, dick.cook@disney.com, walter.liss@disney.com, andrew.mooney@disney.com, andy.mooney@disney.com, jay.rasulo@disney.com, james.rasulo@disney.com, anne.sweeney@disney.com, steve.wadsworth@disney.com, steven.wadsworth@disney.com, john.pepper@disney.com, robert.iger@disney.com, bob.iger@disney.com, thomas.staggs@disney.com, tom.staggs@disney.com, meg.crofton@disney.com, megan.crofton@disney.com, al.weiss@disney.com, roy.disney@disney.com, john.lasseter@disney.com, susan.arnold@disney.com, susan.arneld@disney.com, john.bryson@disney.com, john.chen@disney.com, judith.estrin@disney.com, steve.jobs@disney.com, steven.jobs@disney.com, fred.langhammer@disney.com, aylwin.lewis@disney.com, monica.lozano@disney.com

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  1. Rectilinear Propagation says:

    *needs to know the story behind the photo right now*

    How’d y’all get Disney exec e-mails? They didn’t copyright them yet?

  2. jwm1314 says:

    it’s from their night time show Fantasmic, Mickey battles Melificent, fire on water, good triumphs evil, rinse, repeat…

  3. legotech says:

    I can guarantee that 1) most of those don’t actually go to the person listed (Bob Iger does not get email at the same firstname.lastname@disney.com email as the rest of the employees) and second if you complain to Andy Mooney about something that is a park or studio issue, his assistant is just going to delete the email. Andy Mooney is head of Disney Consumer Products which is all the physical stuff from food to pjs. Steve Wadsworth is head of Disney Interactive Media Group which is the website and video games division, Dick Cook is head of Walt Disney Pictures etc etc.

    Yes, every Disney employee has an email that is firstname.lastname@disney.com or firstname.middleinitial.lastname@disney.com but the bosses have people that read those boxes and pitch all the stuff that doesn’t pertain and they have sooper seekrit private ones that you have to be given in order to contact them via email. So while this is a great place to start, you should probably also research the division you are trying to contact so that you at least hit the right division’s email boxes.

  4. Shane-Meh says:

    Steven Jobs.. I wounder if there’s any relations.

  5. Sporkus says:

    @Shane-Meh: You know he’s on the board of directors at Disney, right?

  6. JustaConsumer says:

    Disney has always provided prompt, fantastic service. Service is their business and they are very good at it.