Consumer Reports: Kenmore Vacuum Sucks In A Good Way, Dirt Devil Just Sucks

Consumer Reports’ vacuum cleaner test results are in and there’s bad news for Dirt Devil. Their pretty “Kone” vacuum poses a safety risk.

Here’s what CR had to say:

The best-selling handheld vacuum, the Dirt Devil Kone, has been touted as an elegant, sculptural form, but Consumer Reports found issues with the Kone M0213, $45, and M0212, $43. Four of the M0213 and two of the M0212 test samples threw some of the fine silica sand Consumer Reports uses to test cleaning for all vacuums out their exhaust ports and towards the faces and eyes of the testers. Both models also released small particles of sand found in many backyards and glass from broken lightbulbs in the same way.

If you have one of these vacuums and want more information about the test results, click here. They also had some harsh words for the Roomba 560, which was among the worst at “cleaning edges and corners, and it sometimes roved beyond its electronic borders.”

There was some good news, however, from the world of vacuuming. Here are CR’s new “Best Buys”:

For most consumers, Consumer Reports found that the Kenmore (Sears) Progressive 35922, $350, which is quiet and excellent on carpets, the Kenmore (Sears) (Sears) Progressive 36932, $350, which is a bagless option, and the Eureka Boss Smart Vac 4870, $150, which is inexpensive and impressive on bare floors, are the best choices. All three of these models are designated CR Best Buys.

Vacuum Buying Guide [Consumer Reports]

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