Customer Battles Lowe's Online Over $3500 Fence, Wins

Last year, Lowe’s horribly botched Allen’s $3500 fence installation (see picture, left). When he complained, the installer and Lowes dodged responsibility, but still demanded $3500. Allen refused to pay and they sent his bill to collections. So Allen put up with pictures, correspondence and phone recordings of his customer service debacle. Instead of fixing Allen’s problem, Lowe’s sent him a cease-and-desist to get him to take down the website, claiming “trademark infringement.” That’s when our site picked it up, along with Ars Technica, Digg, and others, driving lots of traffic to That was a year ago. Now it seems Allen has won his fight.

Allen wrote in this week to say, “The issue between Lowe’s, their attorney and I were settled amicably and in a timely manner last year.” He wasn’t able to provide further details due to the terms of the settlement. is now a placid “coming soon” page.

Congrats on your success, Allen! Your tale is proof of how one consumer’s voice, telling their true story, leveraged online, can force a company to play on equal terms. If you would like to get started doing something like what Allen did, check out our post “How To Fight Companies Online And Win.”

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