Invest In A New Freezer And Start Buying In Bulk

Freezer sales are heating up as thrifty consumers spend cash now so they can realize savings later by buying in bulk.

Across the country, shoppers bought more than 1.1 million freezers during the first six months of the year — up more than 7 percent from the same period last year, according to research firm NPD Group.

That rings up to nearly $400 million in freezer sales — a staggering figure compared to the rest of the home appliance sector, where industry data shows shipments are down nearly 8 percent.

And, experts said, it’s a trend that’s expected to continue at least through much of next year as penny-pinching shoppers buy in bulk to take advantage of deals or bundle grocery shopping trips to conserve gas.

We once had an adorably clunky spare freezer straight out of the 50s hiding in our basement. It held ice cream and pasta sauce, and its outrageous power demands easily gobbled up any savings gleaned from buying ice cream in bulk. It’s not the kind of freezer you want. Instead, look for newer, Energy Star compliant freezers that might actually save you money.

Socking it away, in freezers [AP]
Refrigerators & Freezers [Energy Star]
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