Fellow Consumerist Tests Coffee Grounds Tips So You Don't Have To

We want to commend hhole for electing himself or herself guinea pig on this morning’s coffee grounds post. Apparently, hhole immediately started rubbing coffee grounds all over his or her body in order to see if it really would work as a facial scrub/hair shiner. (Of course, this only makes us want to come up with some imaginary “use” for, say, kitty litter or corn meal to see whether hhole takes the bait.) Read this intrepid commenter’s first person report below.

Seeing the coffee ground story I was completely stoked to head upstairs and try out the new coffee ground solution. Outcome…overall a big fail.

Shorty63136 hit it on the head. I used about the same amount of water that a small 3rd world nation uses to rinse the last bit of ground out of my hair. Aargh… I just rubbed the back of my ear and found another ground. Yeesh.

As a facial and foot scrub it was fine but as a body scrub I don’t recommend it for anyone past the body hair level of “smooth”. Again, so much water to get off so few grounds.

Overall, I vaguely smell like the days when I was a barista. Best to leave the past in the past in this instance.

Past the body I really don’t think I’d put grounds on a pet just because coffee is toxic for them and I’m not sure I could prevent grounds getting in their mouth. Plus, with all the hair, I have no clue how many lakes I’d have to drain to get Hungry the Cat clean.

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