FCC Plans Road Trip To Educate America About Digital TV

The FCC has decided to travel around the country and talk to people about the upcoming digital TV switchover.

…the five FCC Commissioners and other Commission staff will fan out to [selected] markets to raise awareness and educate consumers.

Dear FCC, please please please let these commissioners show up with cheezy t-shirts pulled on over their normal button-and-collar shirts. In fact, t-shirts for everyone! This is America, after all.

The FCC says they’ll visit every market “in which more than 100,000 households, or at least 15 percent of the households, rely solely on over-the-air signals for television.”

At each stop, there will be a public event, such as a town hall meeting, workshop, or roundtable, with an FCC Commissioner to highlight the digital transition, and be available to local press. In coordination with these visits, the FCC will work with local broadcasters and radio stations to increase the broadcasts of radio and TV DTV PSAs. All combined, this outreach is designed to educate consumers in these DMAs and especially those groups that are most vulnerable in the transition: Seniors, People Living in Tribal and Rural Areas, People with Disabilities, Individuals with Low-Incomes, Minorities and Non-English Speakers

It may sound like overkill, but then again the people most likely to be confused about it are probably the ones least likely to be online hitting sites like Consumerist and Gizmodo.

When will a commissioner be coming to your town? The FTC site doesn’t have info up yet, but you can probably check back at http://www.dtv.gov/ for more information.

To Enlighten All Regarding The Digital TV Transition” [SatNews]

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