Contact Info For Greyhound Bus Lines

There’s not a lot of contact info on the web for Greyhound or its executives, but one determined customer has put a lot of effort into documenting what there is. Here are mailing addresses and a few unpublished phone numbers for people in the Greyhound executive offices.

Greyhound Lines, Inc.
Attn: David Leach, CEO
15110 Dallas Pkwy, Suite 600
Dallas, TX 75248-4635

Operator with Executive Office: 214-849-8219
Bryan: 214-849-8217
Ursala: 214-849-8215
Safety Dept: 214-849-8214
Claudette: 214-849-8213
Jennell: 214-849-8211

These are the numbers that I was able to reach people, however, you can try to reach other live people by dialing 214-849-82XX

Mail customer service complaints to:
Customer Service
Greyhound Lines, Inc.
P.O. Box 660689, MS 490
Dallas, TX 75266-0689

Greyhound’s parent company:
Laidlaw Inc.
Kevin Benson, CEO
55 Shulman Boulevard, Suite 400
Naperville, IL 60563

Laidlaw’s parent company:
First Group PLC
Attn: Moir Lockhead, CEO
Carmuirs House
300 Stirling Road

Greyhound Bus Call To Action
(Photo: Omar Omar)


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  1. patchmonkey says:

    Not to be rude, but I’m pretty sure that the Interstate Commerce Commission was eliminated in 1995. Writing to them today won’t be of very much help.

  2. @patchmonkey: Thanks–I’ve removed the old listing.

  3. timmus says:

    And thanks to the power of Google you can see the soul-crushing bastion of American bus mediocrity.

  4. It's not my baby, baby! says:

    Greyhound was purchased by Laidlaw, but their operations are still totally separate.

    Contacting Laidlaw or First Group America will not get you anywhere. My mother is an Exec with First Group America and she says the best way to get in contact is through snail mail at the customer service address listed above.

  5. Etoiles says:

    Just a tip for the first round, before you go Exec:

    I have found that in the past, I was more likely to get actual assistance from Greyhound when I started with an e-mail than if I started by phone. They sent a written letter in response to an e-mail, and that letter had contact info — as in letterhead info — on it that I used to follow up. Phone calls just get ignored.

  6. Imaginary_Friend says:

    Cami901 (from the link): “…a man came to the front of the bus saying his incision had torn open on his back and he had body fluids leaking out. You could see the fluid on his t-shirt.”

    Eee-yew! Late buses, lost luggage, and indifferent drivers are expected, but I draw the line at fricken zombies!

  7. Wormfather is Wormfather says:

    I’ll have to remember this next time someone decapitates someone on my bus. Thanks!

    Too soon?

  8. Mike Brunnmeier says:

    This is the letter i sent to greyhound with no resalt.
    January 9, 2009
    Customer Relations
    Greyhound lines, Inc
    15110 Dallas Pkwy
    Dallas, TX 75248
    Dear Sir or Madam:

    I am writing you this letter to express my dissatisfaction with Greyhound bus services.
    While I understand unanticipated events can and do occur, no effort was made by any agency of Greyhound to express concern for the passengers. I am providing a description of the incident with the hope you will be aware of the poor customer service, lack of communication and the apparent disregard for safety we experienced on this trip.

    On Dec 18th I called the Greyhound office in Jackson Michigan to order bus tickets for my son and I to Travel to Guelph, Ontario, Canada. The ticket agent told me there were no buses leaving from Jackson, Michigan to Guelph, Ontario. He directed me to the Greyhound station in Lansing, Michigan. I purchased my two tickets via the phone.

    The bus was scheduled to leave on Dec 22nd at 9.25am however the bus did not depart until shortly after 10:00am. Upon boarding the bus, we were appalled by the condition of the bus. There were pop cans, paper wrappers and other garbage throughout the entire bus.

    After traveling a short distance, it was immediately obvious that the bus was poorly maintained. The bus vibrated a lot and was very noisy.
    We arrived in Detroit, Michigan at 12.00pm

    As we sat in the bus station in Detroit, we tried to listen to the departure time over the public address system, but it was so distorted that no one could understand what was being said. I asked several bus terminal employees if they could provide us with departure information we were waiting for. I did not receive any assistance until I found a bus driver that was willing to provide me with the information I asked for.
    Bus #1057 departed from the Detroit terminal at approximately 2.30 pm destined for London, Ontario.
    Shortly after crossing the Canadian border and traveling on highway 401, I noticed the bus shaking violently again. I commented to my son that I had a bad feeling and wondered if I should say something to the bus driver. I noticed the mirror in the front of the bus was also shaking violently. I was sure the bus driver must know if there was a problem. Some time into the trip, the vibration suddenly got worse and within 20 minutes I heard muffled clanking noises under the bus which was so loud it woke my son up. Within another 20 minutes the rim and tire flew off of the rear passenger side forward axle, followed by the next tire and rim which got jammed between the axel and the tire behind it causing the wheel to lock up. After almost losing control of the bus, the driver managed to come to a stop. The driver then got off of the bus, got back on, and said “don’t bother asking because I don’t know how long it will be before another bus comes to get you.”

    We waited for 2.5 hours on the side of the road with no way of letting our families know where we were.
    Since the bus was scheduled to arrive in Guelph by 9:30pm, my family became very concerned when the bus still did not arrive by 10:30pm. At this point my family made several attempts to access information from Greyhound by phone and website without success.
    My brother reached Greyhound by phone he was put on hold for 45 minutes and again for 30 minutes before giving up. My stepmother called the Canadian division of Greyhound and was left on hold as well.
    When we did finally arrive in Guelph my father was frantic. The bus station was closed so all he could do was wait and try to communicate with my stepmom and brother who were trying to get information on where we were.

    Clearly, Greyhound needs to improve bus maintenance. The life of your passengers far outweighs the benefits of a minimal maintenance budget.
    Another critical factor in all of this was the inability for family members to ascertain the status of the bus trip. Establishing a method of communication between terminals and updated web information would go a long way toward preventing confusion and fear. There is certainly no excuse for the lack of a better system when this far into the information age.
    Greyhound also needs to work on their customer service. We encountered and observed numerous cases of disrespect and abuse to customers during this trip. Employees are in serious need of communication skills and customer support training.

    While I have enjoyed the services of Greyhound in past years, I am very hesitant to say I would use your services again anytime soon.
    If this experience was out of the ordinary, than I expect a full refund.

    Michael A. Brunnmeier

  9. ArmyWife says:

    Claudette: 214-849-8213

    that number worked great for me. after calling for about a week now and after months of dealing with them to give me my refund they didnt refund me what they were suppose to and there was no way i was going to just take it lol. this lady automatically helped me and refunded me. Even tho none of the other ppl put the correct amount in the system she took my word that they had said that it was more and also looked at all the details which anyone who did would know what it should be. ill never take another greyhound bus after what i went thru. i bought two tickets one for me one for my 3 year old son they overbooked my first transfer and i had to sit in a un conditioned station for 9 hours then my son had to ride in my lap half the way and he is half my size so it was very painful for me and him. they never offered any water or vouchers at the station and never apologized for him having to sit in my lap just treated me like it was somehow my fault for getting on the bus instead of sitting at the un conditioned terminal for another 12 hours and hope the next bus would have room for us. one of the worst experiences of my life so far.