Sprint Extends Yet Another Contract Without Permission

Sprint signed David up for a two-year contract without permission after he transferred his service between a Motorola RAZR 2 and a Sanyo 8400. David owned both phones when he made the transfer last month, long after his contract had expired. Sprint recently decided to send him a letter, charmingly called “keeping you in the know,” which showed that he was the proud new owner of a surprise contract extension.

He writes:

OK, so here we go! On or about July 25th, I called Sprint to complete a simple ESN swap. And for those who might not be of the gifted mind to understand what that is, it’s simply a Phone Swap…going from one phone to the other. Now keep in mind that I already own both phones.
A Motorola Razr-2 and a SANYO 8400.
That means that I previously purchased them, and have decided to swap between one and the other.

Now I am already expired as of May 1st, 2008.

So after deciding that the RAZR-2 was utter garbage that I could not stomach any longer, I called Sprint’s NO Customer Service, and informed that rep that I’d like to perform an ESN swap. Now keep in mind that this unintelligent rep never asked if it was a new or already owned phone. Just said ok….and proceeded to ask for the information.

So…needless to say… I went from the Motorola RAZR-2 TO the Sanyo 8400, which Sprint no longer sells, so it’s not a NEW phone!

Lo and behold, just a few days ago, I received a letter from Sprint in the mail that says: “Keeping you in the know”…you’ve recently made some changes…etc..yadda yadda yadda. And along with that, on the right side of the letter , I notice that My CONTRACT has been extended.

Now keep in mind, I am ALREADY EXPIRED AS OF: MAY 1, 2008! So, what this excellent, educated and “well-trained” Sprint rep did was, RENEW my agreement, without telling me, without asking pertinenet information to make a decision as to renew or NOT renew. Just went ahead and got themselves a nice fat commission that I’m sure Sprint won’t do anything to reprimand her for!

Just keep them exployed and working tirelessly, renewing unknowing customers all the time to get themselves false commissions!

I’ve stuck with Sprint since 20000, defended them against all kinds of craziness and even gone thru it previously with their “well-trained”reps, and I still stayed, but this is the last and I MEAN THE LAST GAWD DAMN STRAW!

My Account Number is: XXXXXXX
My Phone Number is: XXX-XXX-XXXX

I have already been assigned a few different case numbers, of which I have yet to have ANY of them resolved. I am tired of waiting to speak with someone. As quick as it took to extend my contract is as quick as it should have taken for it to be rolled back, but of couse they never help, or the reps never know what the hell they are doing, except for: giving mis-information and extending contracts falsely!

I want this issue resolved and I want BOTH lines on my account to be without contract for this hassle. I want some type of compensation that clearly and truely says I am sorry, and not from someones mouth.

If not, then let me out without obligation, financial or otherwise and I’ll take the business to a more Realiable CORPORATION who knows how to run a business, called Verizon, T-Mobile or AT&T!

And to think I canceled my AT&T line to bring that over to my Sprint account, just to take advantage of the old SERO offer.

The only problems with at&t WAS THAT THEIR PRICES WERE HIGH AS HELL. Other than that, they beat Sprint in terms of Customer Satisfaction every step of the way. TIP TO SPRINT: Get these ghetto, non-educated, can’t read, add, or subtract, low life people out of your company!

Sprint shouldn’t hesitate to dissolve the unilateral contract extension if you call the special hotline they created for Consumerist readers at: (703) 433-4401.

(Photo: The Consumerist)

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