Report: Sprint Changes Its Mind Again, Will Kill Off Two-Year Contracts After All

Image courtesy of Jeepers Media

Sprint can’t seem to decide what it wants to do with two-year contracts: after announcing in January that it would join the other major carriers in ditching the two-year deals, Sprint backtracked a month later and said it would still offer them to existing customers. That resolve may not have stuck, as a new report claims the wireless company is again preparing to eliminate two-year contracts.

According to an internal slide obtained by Android Central, Sprint will only offer two-year contracts on a “reactive basis.”

“What’s a reactive basis?” you may be reacting. It probably means Sprint won’t be advertising two-year plans and they might even disappear from the company website, but if you complain enough or ask nicely, you could possibly still get one.

“Saying Goodbye,” the document reads, with a 5/24/16 date for “Moving Away From 2-Year Pricing In Our Systems.”

The slide seems to be information for employees on the change, with a note that 2-year pricing on all new accounts won’t be available, and customers won’t be able to upgrade to that two-year pricing, except on that reactive basis. Phone financing and leasing programs will be the main offerings employees push, though of course you can still pay full retail price for the phone without a subsidy.

Sprint will kill off two-year contracts for the second time on May 24 [Android Central]

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