Ohio Payday Lenders Lie, Bribe The Homeless In Attempt To Overturn Usury Limits

Ohio payday lenders, still smarting from their punch in the face, are turning to lies and deceit to qualify a ballot initiative that would overturn the state’s recently approved usury limits. The industry’s petition gatherers are telling people that the initiative would “lower interest rates,” even though it would raise the maximum allowable APR from 28% to an astounding 391%. They’re also giving dollars to illiterate homeless people who sign the petition.

Serve City director Kay Waldo said she felt the people at the shelter were victims of a crime.

“Absolutely,” she said. “I think they take advantage of the people here. I really do.”

Waldo claimed that some of the people at the shelter don’t even know how to read.

“They’re being asked to sign something without even being able to read it,” she added. “It’s a crime as far as I look at it.”

“If something was said incorrectly, let the circulator’s name be obtained and we will take swift action to investigate and remove that employee if necessary.” Norris added.

The payday lending industry, of course, has plenty of experience taking advantage of people.

WCPN produced a segment on the dirty industry’s dirty campaign:

We’re won’t feign surprise that payday lenders are resorting to underhanded tactics. Usury laws, election laws, ethics; it’s all the same crock of unreasonable bullshit to them.

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