Fisher-Price Walkie-Talkie Picks Up Trucker Talk; Now Tot Wants Pot And Strippers

A mom in West Virginia says her 3-year-old’s Diego walkie-talkie, which is supposed to have a range of 20 feet, picked up some blue talk from truckers who may have been 275 miles away. “They said we should go smoke some weed, and were talking about being in a strip bar, some really explicit things,” the mother told the Asssociated Press.

So far, the mother isn’t talking lawsuits or anything:

Pancaro, who bought the toy on Aug. 2, said she sent a letter to Fisher-Price, urging it to either fix the toy so it wouldn’t pick up CB chatter or pull the product from the shelves.

Fisher-Price told the Associated Press they’ve tried twice to contact her but have been unsuccessful.

You can still buy the magic trucker-talkies from Walmart, but your odds of picking up drive-by chatter are probably slim. It’s more likely the truckers were using (illegal?) transmitters to boost their range, or sunspot activity jazzed up the ionosphere and made the signals bounce further.

“Mom says child’s toy had a mouth like a trucker” [MSNBC via The Business Sheet] (Thanks to Hilary!)
(Photo: igb)

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