J. Crew's Notoriously Awful Website Charges You $9,208.50 To Ship The Wrong Shirt

J. Crew has a problem with their website. Whatever the problem is, it isn’t small. Meet Per, a J. Crew customer who tried to order some polo shirts and not only did he get the wrong shirts, the bill came with a shipping charge of $9,208.50. Per would like to return these shirts and not pay $9,208.50 in shipping, but he can’t manage to log on to J. Crew’s website.

Dear J Crew,

Re. my recent order:
1. Invoiced for $9208.50 in shipping charges. Scan of invoice attached.
2. Baby sized shirts shipped. I ordered men’s medium sized polo shirts. (Size M as in the invoice). Photo attached.
3. Cannot sign into website, JSP_EXECUTION_FAILED, screenshot attached.

I would like to
1) Return the shirts for a refund – they are completely the wrong size.
2) Not be charged $9,208 for shipping
3) Not have to use the website to do this, as I can’t log in

Can you reply to my email at as soon as possible? I am worried about my credit card being charged for the incorrect shipping cost.


He also attached this image of the tiny, tiny shirt that he received. How sad.

We’re reasonably sure that no self-respecting credit card will allow a shipping charge of over $9k to go through without calling, but if the charge is incorrect, Per can call and do a chargeback.

J Crew Customer [Blogspot]


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  1. MissTicklebritches says:

    Team Banana Republic!

  2. wgrune says:

    That and something seems fishing with there extremely low 1.5% sales tax…

  3. wgrune says:

    fishy, not fishing

  4. wgrune says:

    and “their”, not “there”. I give up.

  5. amb1124 says:

    I tried to make some purchases from the J. Crew website recently and decided not to, thank God. First, the items I wanted were not available for the price that was displayed on the search results page. I actually emailed them about this when a dress I liked was showing up as $29.99 on the search results page and $49.99 on the actual item page. Their response? “We sold out of all of the colors and sizes available for $29.99.” Well then don’t display that as the item price! I was so annoyed by the bait-and-switch on the prices that I decided not to bother at all.

    I agree with MissTicklebritches about BR though. I’ve had nothing but good experiences ordering from them online. I’ve also ordered online and found the same items on sale days later. When I called their customer service line to ask if I could do anything, they refunded the difference no questions asked. I think the phone call lasted all of three minutes.

  6. Papershoes says:

    My first and only order I made with J. Crew resulted in me calling them after not receiving my item in 4 weeks – and then being told that rather than ship my item to the address that I provided at the time of my online purchase, they had decided to ship it to an address that I had when I was 13 and registered for a catalogue (remember the one, when the Dawson’s Creek cast modelled in it?).

    The only thing these two open accounts had in common is that they both had the same name…

    Also – it was a swimsuit, and I basically missed bathing suit season waiting for it to arrive.

  7. SkokieGuy says:

    And if the credit card does go through (even if later credited by J.Crew), this could easily cause:

    Overlimit fee
    Interest rate skyrockets to universal default rate
    Other unrelated cards also increase to their deault rate
    Credit score plumments
    Because credit score plummets, cards reduce available credit, triggering more overlimit fees.

    It is totally plausible and I hope for the OP he is lucky enough to avoid this. I would encourage him to IMMEDIATELY contact his credit card company with his documentation and dispute the charge. Do this EVEN if you receive promises from J. Crew that everything will be taken care of. Your credit future is not worth trusting to verbal promises you may receive.

  8. MickeyMoo says:

    wouldn’t be surprised if they’re running the same software as Kohl’s.com – horrible web experience – but the prices are too good to resist, and free shipping beats 9k

  9. littlemoose says:

    That picture is amazing!

  10. Hongfiately says:

    The Grocery Shrink Ray strikes again!

  11. rorschachex says:

    I don’t think the shrink ray is isolated to the grocery store anymore…

  12. snoop-blog says:

    Man another $800, and you probably could’ve had Paris Hilton deliver it to you.

  13. warf0x0r says:

    J. Crew… they’re still around?!?

    I bought something from them in 1999…

  14. HunterZ says:

    @littlemoose: Yeah, that’s a priceless photo.

  15. SharkD says:

    @HunterZ: Actually, I’d say that’s a $9,208.50 photo.

  16. AgentTuttle says:

    Here’s how shipping for 9k is supposed to go: A gold plated hummer limo with jacuzzi pulls up being driven by what looks like a chimp wearing limo driver garb. But he’s just for show, the real driver is in a hidden compartment like a parade float. The tires are filled with unicorn farts and the gear box is filled with oil from baby seal blubber. It runs on fossil fuels made from cloned dinosaurs and processed truffles. The doors open and a group of dwarf acrobats wearing Elvis costumes made from the finest frog scrotum leather give you a show and then do the robot while the shirts are handed over by the Swedish bikini team who all blow you. Then they hand you 4k in a cash refund for overpayment. If it wasn’t like that, I would demand a refund.

  17. SkokieGuy says:

    @AgentTuttle: You are a sick and deeply disturbed person. Elvis costumes made from the finest frog scrotum leather – by itself, may be the all time best phrase ever published on Consumerist.


  18. pillow_fight_girl says:

    I love Jcrew, but I hate that &@!&%$! website. It totally stinks. I can’t tell you how many $$$ in sales they have lost from me just because that website is for crap.

    The CEO sent out an email last week apologizing for all the problems, but here it is a week later and it still doesn’t work! Whoever is in charge of that project should be terminated immediately.

  19. AgentTuttle says:

    @SkokieGuy: “You are a sick and deeply disturbed person.” That’s the nicest thing said to me all day. Thanks.

  20. Nunya B says:

    @warf0x0r: They’re doing really well because their retail experience is golden and the quality is substantially better than Gap’s nowadays.

    The website is horrible- bait and switch, always out of stock, slow as hell, everything is final sale– but I do really enjoy shopping at their stores.

  21. macinjosh says:

    @AgentTuttle: The Aristocrats!

  22. Etoiles says:

    @wgrune: Some states (I grew up in one such, and miss it) don’t have sales tax on clothing items under $100. Others have a reduced tax rate on those items.

  23. AgentTuttle says:

    @macinjosh: HAHA! yeah. Funny, I didn’t think of that.

  24. chikarin says:

    when I ordered from jcrew online sometime ago, 2 of the 3 items I ordered became canceled status since they were out of stock. But the one item that they had didn’t ship for 2 weeks and was on hold.

    Little later, I wanted to cancel the order entirely since it was pointless at this time (it was for a present) but I couldn’t figure out the process online so I called them.

    To my surprise the only answer I got from them was “we can’t cancel any orders, but you can return it even though it is final sale”. I got that answer from 3 diff people and when I asked for a person in higher position reps just told me was that they were as powerless as the reps. So jcrew system can only cancel orders when they are out of stock but can’t cancel if they have it on a mysterious hold.

    So here I am, order still pending after a month or so, not knowing if the item will ship or not. Maybe it’ll be a surprise.

    Nothing has been charged on the credit card yet so situation isn’t too bad I guess.

  25. Scuba Steve says:

    Shipping fuel charges are becoming quite popular these days. Nothing like getting hit for 75 bucks on to a 30 dollar box for “fuel”.

    The “Over 9000” shipping charge is probably an error.

  26. ccouvillion says:

    Time to blame the OP!

    The shipping was screwed up, there is no denying that. But I he got the shirts he ordered.

    I went to the site and looked up that item number. The description does not explicitly state that it’s a child’s shirt, but there are several things that point to it. The picture shows a shirt with a collar that would be huge on an adult shirt. The description says it is “Catalog/crewcutkids.com only” and the links to “You may also like” are for other clothing for children.

    I hope J. Crew fixes (or preferably never charged) the bogus shipping quickly and I think as a sign of apology should give him a refund for the non-returnable shirts.

  27. Landru says:

    Wouldn’t this be the perfect expample of when to ipmlement a chargeback?

  28. eirrom says:

    I just love the picture of the guy holding the small shirt up showing the size problem. That photo just makes me chuckle each time I look at it.

    The $9000 bill for shipping is kinda scary. I know you figure you can call them up and have them fix this problem right away, but don’t you just sense that this is going to be an issue. Don’t assume J. Crew is going to catch their mistake. No business catch their mistakes. Maybe they hoped this would slide under the radar.

  29. satoru says:

    I haven’t gone to a J Crew store in awhile since they don’t give out those 20% coupons anymore. But when I did go about 2 years ago to the store, I actually got very good service. They had a really nice wool jacket I wanted but it was one size too small. I was instructed to go to the “Bat Phone” to place an order over the phone (the moniker is my own creation, but it does seem like it should be a Bat Phone aside from it being a boring khaki instead of red). Surprisingly the transaction was quick, and they shipped my coat to my home for no additional charge, as opposed to shipping it to the store as I thought they would.

    It would seem their website is not as well fleshed out as their retail or phone ordering centers.

  30. satoru says:

    @ccouvillion: For the shirt refund he can go to a local J Crew store for a refund. This is one instance where you can return internet purchases at the local retailer. Of course if you don’t live near a J Crew, this might pose a significant problem :P

    The shipping charges are definitely a big red flag though. I wonder if it’s something that the receipt printed out incorrectly, but the person was charged the correct amount? The amount is so specific too which is very strange!

  31. jcrewaholics says:

    I run the blog http://www.jcrewaholics.com and spoke to a customer rep from J.Crew regarding this issue. He was never charged that amount. Here is what she said when I sent her the post on that blog:

    “I have had several customers call me and say that they have been charged for shipping at weird prices! This is just a computer glitch! Please let him know that his card was not charged that much – if he was able to log into his account on jcrew.com, he would be able to see the exact amount that was charged to his card. He can call the customer service line – advise him the best time to call is around 11pm-12am eastern time (late, I know, but it’s the best time for right now), they can pull up his order and double check just to make sure. I have seen this happen though, and the shipping of the wrong item, that really isn’t due to our upgrades … I checked the item # and it looks like that is a boys Repp pique polo shirt. You can type the item # 91460 in the search bar on jcrew.com. And even though they are final sale, he can just give us a call and we will make a note on the order. I was trying to see if this was a web order or a phone order…I was unable to tell though.”

  32. That’s hilariously sad. I feel so bad for the guy… hope he gets that resolved. Financially, it’s terrible… situationally, it’s hysterical.

  33. ManicPanic says:

    The new website stinks. They have lost a lot of business from me due to it. Things show up but when you go to purchase, they aren’t available. Also, their shipping charges are crazy–I’m with the others who like BR–reasonable shipping, working website, no stupid e-mails from the CEO apologizing but not giving you anything for your troubles. Our J.Crew has HORRIBLE customer service-trying to get a fitting room takes FOREVER.

    Also, I was in a J.Crew in Florida (Boca Town Center) where one of the male associates was peeping in at a girl through the slats in the dressing room door while she was trying things on. In front of my mom. So ladies, be careful.

    If it wasn’t bad for my credit score, I’d cancel my jcrew card due to this.

  34. MJPByron says:

    It’s over 9000!!


  35. kerrington.steele says:

    I second all the thoughts about how much business J.Crew has lost since changing up the website. The previous version of the site was great (pretty, easy to navigate, reliable sale selections, and no bait-and-switching with prices). Shipping could be a little expensive but I could usually find a discount code to get flat-rate or free shipping. I used to order something from J.Crew online at least once a month, sometimes twice a month, usually between $50-150 per order.

    Now I’ve completely stopped using the site after seeing the terrible new layout (worse even then anntaylor.com!!), hearing these horror stories and seeing the screw-ups with pricing and availability. I wish I could say I’ve broken my J.Crew habit entirely, but I still shop in the stores (which in NY are great). I hope the company realizes what a mistake it’s made here.

  36. Chairman-Meow says:

    @AgentTuttle: Mmmmmmmm Baby Seal Blubber.

  37. MissPeacock says:

    @satoru: J. Crew has the best in-store service. I also used the “Bat Phone” to order some killer pants they didn’t have in the store in my size, and I got free shipping, etc. The saleslady who was helping me handed me her card and told me she could get me free shipping whenever I liked. I’ve even ordered without incident from the older J. Crew website, but hearing all of these horror stories has made me rethink buying some things I had intended on buying online. It’s a shame, too. They have some lovely things for fall.

  38. mexifelio says:

    Oh man, that is such a funny pic!
    He didn’t even have to draw :( on it or anything.

  39. generalassembly says:

    yeah, you probably ordered the wrong item — it’s pretty clear from the order page that it’s a kid’s polo, but the shipping charge is still pretty ridiculous.

  40. unnes says:

    The shirt’s the right size. It’s just part of the too-tight metrosexual trend.

  41. InThrees says:

    Caption for that picture: “J. Crew wants me to apply at Hooters.”

  42. ElizabethD says:

    Didn’t we just have the discussion about J Crew sending a “sorry” e-mail to customers because they admitted they were having bad problems with their Web site?

    I got caught in that craziness a few weeks ago and spent quite a long time on the phone with a CSR straightening things out. At least the items I did receive were the right colors and size. *whew*

    My college-freshman daughter wears J Crew almost exclusively, but we go to the factory outlet and wait for the sales there to get bargains. If there’s one near you, I recommend visiting.

  43. femmesavante says:

    @GeneralLeigh: Same here. J.Crew WAS my go to store for everything. Now that the website is a nightmare, I haven’t bought a single thing from them. I wish they’d fix it quickly. I’m not much for going into the stores etc. Just don’t have the time. :(

  44. BrendaNerq says:

    Did the OP not look at the invoice before he clicked “submit”? Also, you cannot chargeback “shipping and handling” fees. He will HAVE to get the merchant to issue a credit, or at least get some DOCUMENTATION that the merchant says they will credit him. Everyone here just says “Do a chargeback”, and it is not that simple, there are reason codes, and it has to fall into one of them. Ordering the wrong shirt, and then not looking at what the total is before you click submit is not one of those codes.

  45. WraithSama says:

    Thank God he didn’t pay with a debit card!

  46. erratapage says:

    There isn’t nearly enough blame going on the consumer here! I say that the consumer should have known that $9,000 was going to be charged for shipping and handling BEFORE he clicked on submit order! Also, it seems to me that those of you who rely on the internet to clothe yourselves will always have to deal with the issue of returns. Companies are already limiting returns to those of us who do them at the brick and mortars… so I think it’s perfectly logical that they would make it difficult for you to return things from internet purchases. It’s just logical!

    In the meantime, I say that all of you who purchase JCrew deserve the experience you get!

    Oh… and I would hope that the credit card company wouldn’t reward stupidity by authorizing a chargeback on this consumer!

    p.s. (just kidding… I know that I’m going to continue to purchase my polos at Old Navy)

  47. marsneedsrabbits says:

    Well, ok, I see your point.

    Sure, $9.208.50 is a lot for a shirt.

    But using this pricing model, they only have to sell a couple to stay in business.

  48. drjayphd says:

    @MJPByron: Only… it doesn’t make a bit of difference, guys. The balls are inert.

    /doubly obligatory

  49. Bob_Bobson says:

    Yep! Their systems currently Suck – big time, but their customer service reps are doing everything that they can to right a bad customer situation.

    **keep in mind that, as ridiculous as it sounds, a customer receipt is Not a charge**

    If their systems can’t figure out if a package has shipped or not, it is reasonable that the printing of information is just as unreliable. Take the case of “Final Sale” being printed on Full Priced merchandise!

    (when are they going to flush Final Sale down the tubes, anyway? What a terrible concept for a retailer that aims at upscale. Good Lord.)

    The good news appears to be that any errors in billing are in the customer’s favor at this time.

    They have got to be eating scads and scads of fats stacks of cash right now.

    If you are the praying sort… pray for poor bastards working on their crappy, ill conceived, ill implemented systems.

    The customer service reps must be hating working on software that looks to have been rushed to market in an Alpha phase of development! Feels like Windows 95 fresh out of the box.