Target "Lied To Me, Yelled At Me," And "Treated Me Like Crap"

More wedding/baby registry pain from Target, a reader calling herself Consumer in MD, has started a blog called “Target is the Devil,” with the aim of convincing other consumers not to register their weddings and baby showers with Target after they ripped her off to the tune of $75.01. She tried to return a gift from the registry (with a gift receipt), and Target told her that according to their records the current clearance price is what the person actually paid for the gift. It turned out that this wasn’t the case, and when she brought the actual customer receipt back to Target they refused to refund her the additional money.

I returned my highchair to a target in Brandywine and they returned it at $24.98. They said that is what the person paid for it off the registry……well that was a lie. The person paid $99.99 for it. I went to their house and got the receipt after your returns people lied to me. So then I call your store closer to me in Aberdeen and they say they will help me with it and were super nice on the phone….the 2nd time, the first time they had hung up on me. Well I go there with the CUSTOMER RECIEPT THIS TIME NOT THE GIFT RECEIPT THE ONE WITH $99.99 and they make me stand at the returns while they call New Delhi, India. The person from India yelled at me, said I had to drive to a different store (Brandywine and asked them why they lied to me) he also said that I was lying and my Step Mom paid $24.98…..she didn’t I had the receipt in my hand.

I talked to the store manager at Aberdeen, MD store she wanted to give me the right amount of money but could not figure out how to on the computer that is why she had called New Delhi. So then her mother came in and they went to the back of the store. When I got done on the phone with the man from India she wouldn’t come back up to finish helping me. I stood there 20 more minutes and left. You have wasted my time and money. Your customer service is by far the worst I have ever experienced. I have worked in customer service and I have to say I would never treat a customer this way.

Your store took $75.01 from me. They lied to me, yelled at me, treated me like crap, and made me upset. Having a baby is a very expensive time. That amount of money is a lot of money to a new mom. I wish my family would have never shopped at your store. I used to love your store. I am now going to tell everyone I meet, everyone on the baby forums, anyone that will listen not to use your registry service. I cannot believe your own store manager could not issue a gift card for the $75.01 when she wanted too. What kind of customer service is that? She wants to fix the error and she can’t? I hope your store feels good about taking a high chair back from an expectant mom and stealing her $75.01.

The best part may be the email she got from Target admonishing her for trying to return things “without a receipt.”

Dear ******* ********,
I’m sorry the amount we’re able to refund you didn’t meet your expectations for the highchair you received as a gift.
During your visit our team members explored the possibility of returning your without a receipt. We’ve established guidelines when offering this service to provide you with a consistent experience.
We track and limit these exceptions to small gifts twice a year. Additionally, the amount we’re able to refund reflects the lowest selling price in the 90 days.
Also, I’m sorry you didn’t receive the type of service you’ve come to expect while contacting at Target. The team member attitude you described isn’t part of our guest service philosophy. We expect our team members to help you in a professional manner with your returns concern. We really appreciate your feedback and I’ll make sure to share your comments with our executives.
Target Guest Relations

The post has started to collect other Target horror stories, too. We like this one:

We did indeed have a gift receipt but since the person who bought it for us purchased it with a credit card they could not give us credit for the crock pot with out the credit card number it was purchased on. WTF?! What is the point of a gift receipt then? I fought with the clerk and her manager for almost an hour. They kept just telling me to contact the person the gift was from and get their credit card number. I finally said screw it and kept it. I will use it later on or can always re-gift it.

I know whenever someone buys me a gift, I always ask them for their credit card number in case I want to return it. Oh wait. No. I don’t.

So, is Target’s wedding/baby registry still broken? Tell us in the comments or at

Target Is The Devil

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  1. Megladon says:

    Eeeek, I’m getting married in october…. Anyone know how walmarts registry is?

  2. OmniZero says:

    I haven’t had any bad experiences at Target. Then again I’ve never had to deal with the Customer Service desk. All I buy is consumable things or ones that hardly need to be returned (such as toys). I haven’t shopped there in a long while, possibly because I’ve found better alternatives to shopping at department stores.

  3. AstroPig7 says:

    At one time, Dillard’s was the same way regarding gift receipts from credit card purchases. I had accompanied a friend who was attempting to return a shirt to one with a gift receipt, and the cashier would not provide any sort of credit except to the original card. This sounds like either a surreptitious way to discourage people from using credit cards or from returning gifts.

  4. hills says:

    Target is awesome – Sounds like there are just a few idiots who work there (like everywhere). Williams-Sonoma tried to do the same thing to me – they insisted my friends only paid $4 for my wedding gift (the clearance price of a baking pan) – I finally proved otherwise, and received my full store credit.

    I’m still heading to Target today for my errands – can’t stop this loyal shopper!

  5. Hmmm, registering at Target….

    Somehow that doesn’t seem very romantic. Next we’ll hear people registering at Wal-mart.

    Personally, I find the whole idea of registry a little tacky… Telling people what gifts to get you, and where they should shop to get them. But that’s me.

  6. Nick1693 says:

    “We’ve established guidelines when offering this service to provide you with a consistent experience.”

    A consistent on is FAR different from a good one.

  7. dragonfire81 says:

    While Target has obviously screwed things up here, it’s interesting the person in this story is ripping on some guy she talked to from “New Delhi”.

    I only mention this because an accent does NOT MEAN the person is located in India! I worked at a North American call center and we had many employees with accents.

    On another note, I thought at all most all the big box stores you could return items at any store, but perhaps the rules are different for registry items?

    • SavitashriDawes says:

      yeah, especially since Target India is located in Bombay anyway, but as a guest service team member, I have never actually talked to anyone in India, only lots of people in Minneapolis

  8. jwlukens says:

    I would be very upset if this happened to me. From my own experience with Target they’ve always been exceptional with returns, even when I haven’t had a receipt they were very good about looking up the purchase and issuing a $100 gift card. Guess it’s hit or miss depending on the employee you are dealing with.

  9. SkokieGuy says:

    And no one has mentioned chargeback?

  10. KitanaOR says:

    Well its a good thing my family never got me gifts from my Target registry for my wedding or the upcoming baby or from any other registry, for that matter.

    Oh wait… :(

  11. RonDiaz says:

    A Target Manager called me a Son of a Bitch one time. They were having some sort of power issue, which is fine, except they had no one at the entrance, so people were coming in, myself included. Then they had Target employees running all over the store shooing people out. I said, why don’t you just put someone at the entrance telling people not to come in. Some lackey told me that they couldn’t lock the store down til everyone was out. I said, “How do you expect to get the store empty when you aren’t stopping anyone from coming in?” No answer, asked someone else on the way out, again no answer. On my way out, I heard her call me a son of a bitch, I went back in to ask for the manager. She was it! I should have followed up on it with a letter to target corporate and the consumerist, but eh laziness got the better of me that day.

  12. Jevia says:

    The son of a friend of mine is getting married soon and I feel like I have no place to buy their gift. They registered at Target and Macy’s and I hate buying things at both of these stores. Maybe I’ll just get them a gift card.

  13. johnfrombrooklyn says:

    Hmmmmm…not sure all the details are presented here accurately. I’ve returned many things to Target of all sizes, shapes, and costs. Not once has the returns person had to call someone on the phone if I had the true receipt. Before I can pass sentencing here on Target, I need the poster to tell us why Target felt the need to call someone on the phone. Thank you. Judge John.

  14. johnfrombrooklyn says:

    @SkokieGuy: Pretty tough to file a chargeback when the product is in the person’s hand.

  15. snakeskin33 says:

    I sympathize with the consumer, I do. But I had to laugh at the “taking a high chair from an expectant mom.”

    I mean, they should have given you the money. But…you RETURNED the high chair, dude. Stick with the stuff you’re right about. It’s a minor point, only gently chuckled over — it’s certainly ridiculous when store managers can’t fix an error like this.

  16. amkls704 says:

    This is disappointing. Target is one of the very few stores I’ve never had issues with. I get nervous reading this. Best Buy is on the top of my naughty list though.

  17. SomeoneGNU says:

    Most stores have a policy about cards – if you charge it to one, the refund goes to it. It’s very easy to fake cash advances without that and has a high chance of fraud. If she was asking for cash back that might have been the big issue.

    Now, the heartless side of me has to say, the store took nothing from you except maybe some time. The store, however, did take money from a family member for a product.

  18. dragonfire81 says:

    @SkokieGuy: The item was a gift originally purchased by someone other than OP, a chargeback will not work here.

  19. Superawesomerad says:

    Not trying to blame the customer here, but “they yelled at me!” sounds more than a little petulant and whiny and makes me wonder about this woman’s maturity level. Maybe her conversation with the “person from India”* got a little heated, but I don’t believe for a second that anyone shouted at her.

    * Her constant references to India are also a little annoying and make me less sympathetic.

  20. Rectilinear Propagation says:

    I think it’s stupid that even when the nice, competent employees try to fix something the system won’t allow them to do so.

  21. Hanke says:

    @Dooley: Gift registries are perfectly acceptable. It’s a list of suggestions from the people you are shopping for; you are free to get them something ‘off-list’. They’ve been around for a long time, they just haven’t been as readily available in the past, or in every freaking store as they are now.

  22. Rectilinear Propagation says:

    …but I don’t believe for a second that anyone shouted at her.
    @Superawesomerad: Why not?

  23. My fiance and I are registered at Target, and we’ve had a good amount of trouble with items disappearing from the registry mysteriously, or getting replaced with items that we didn’t put on there.

    It’s not a huge deal, but it is a bit of a pain that the service doesn’t work the way it should the first time.

  24. Savvy-faire says:

    Oh my God, I’m having horrible flashbacks to my time at “Guest Services”. This woman sounds especially like the people who used to scream at me when things weren’t going their way. The Target managers (note: “Team Leaders”) were basically paid $10 an hour to keep the store running while periodically coming up front to get screamed at by the most obnoxious people I have ever met. And the punchline was there was nothing we could do, because Target’s answer to barely training people was to make sure we had absolutely no ability to do anything but a few basic tasks. It was a nightmare from both ends.

  25. evslin says:

    @Dooley: I guess it beats getting 3 toasters, 2 sets of steak knives, and 14 shower curtains, though.

  26. Savvy-faire says:

    @Rectilinear Propagation: Because those calls are recorded, not to mention that someone shouting in a customer service phonebank is pretty easily picked out by their supervisor.

  27. Superawesomerad says:

    @Rectilinear Propagation: Because of the overall whiny and dramatic tone she takes throughout. “I hope the store feels good taking a high chair back from an expectant mom [emphasis mine]?” YOU WERE RETURNING IT, WOMAN. If anyone actually raised his or her voice at this chick, my guess it it’s because she wasn’t handling things too famously herself.

    Or maybe I’m just a terrible, mean person for not sympathizing with a (most likely) hormone-addled pregnant woman. Take your pick.

  28. arniec says:

    @Superawesomerad: I agree…a well-worded letter would have gone a lot further to gain my sympathies (and perhaps a more coherent response from Target). This seems like a tantrum on paper (or on a blog I guess).

    It was a gift. It’s not like the $74 was out of her pocket. If it takes a little longer to get it, then what’s the deal? And moreover, it was her fault to take the first refund. If you know something is $100 you don’t take the $26 and then try again for the other $74…

    She must not read consumerist as much as she writes to it to behave like this…

  29. usa_gatekeeper says:

    “… Target told her that according to their records the current clearance price is what the person actually paid for the gift…”

    Barring a simple computer glitch, this story is missing something. Say, for example, Buyer uses CC to buy the gift at full price, sees it’s on sale and wants a credit to the sale price which is done under a new receipt. Two receipts now exist. The story can go in several directions from there.

  30. LoveNoelG says:

    @Dooley: I agree, they are horribly tacky. The worst is when the registry is printed on the invitation. That is not a suggestion, that is them telling you what to buy them for a gift.

    Blech. I never buy off registries, ever.

  31. redfork says:

    if you go to the link “target is the devil” you will find halfway down the page on the right side an ad for target’s baby gift registry site…hmmm

  32. DigitalMariner says:

    FWIW for the OP, whenever I’ve had issues with Target and got a reply email that didn’t seem to answer my question or solve my problem, I’ve gotten success by simply hitting the Reply to Email button and typing off a 2nd email pointing out their mistake/misunderstanding. The first time I did it just to vent rather than bang my head on the wall, and was surprised I got a reply and a resolution. It might be worth it to the OP to reply to their email, as it doesn’t appear to be one of those “donotreply” emails and might actually get some traction.

  33. sleze69 says:

    A lot of the commenters defending Target seem to be missing the point of this and other similar posts about Target. I have yet to see any posts about problems with target IN GENERAL. All of the posts I remember seeing on Consumerist deal with their horrible wedding registry.

    I have successfully steered 4 weddings (including my own) away from registering with Target and will continue to do so until there is conclusive evidence of their system getting fixed.

    Of course, I will continue to shop there for normal stuff because I have never had a problem on a day-to-day basis and I bet most people feel the same way.

  34. SkokieGuy says:

    A chargeback will work. It must be instituted by the cardholder, not the gift recipient. Since the cardholder provided the original receipt, presumably they are cooperative.

    You do not need the product to institute a chargeback. Proof of the return (the credit slip that shows the amount credited to the card) + the original receipt proofs to the CC company that the refund was not correct.

  35. gmoney says:

    Gift receipts are supposed to reflect actual sales price, so this should have been fixed immediately. The “lowest price” is supposed to apply to things where no receipt is available but the store is willing to accept the return. So something doesn’t make sense.

    As for the OP, she is right, but easy there, hoss – you returned a gift, the idea that Target is stealing from YOU is a bit silly. They are stealing from your stepmom, though.

  36. SkokieGuy says:

    To the people objecting about her India reference:

    The post indicates that the store manager told the customer she had to call New Delhi in order to figure out the way to process the additional credit amount. In other words, the manager called technical support and may have known where the calls are handled. The OP is merely providing us informatiion provided to her by a Target employee.

    Are people now reading Consumerist simply for (wrong) opportunities to scream ‘racist’. It is not called for in this case.

    Now let’s get back to bashing Target.

  37. I’ve always understood that part of the agreement between the merchant and the card issuer is that they are not allowed to refund cash for a CC purchase, and must refund the charge to the CC. This is because to refund the item for cash counts as a cash advance in the eyes of the issuing bank. Something that they charge a higher interest rate for than a normal purchase, and they don’t want you to do a run-around on that charge by purchasing something and returning it for cash.

  38. Scuba Steve says:

    Any woman that will let me set our gift registry to Gamestop, well, that’s the woman I’m marrying.

    Of course, I’ll have to settle for less, but the thought’s out there.

  39. katylostherart says:

    ya know… maybe if they stopped acting like it was a “team” the employees would be better trained and have better attitudes. it’s better that someone realizes they are getting PAID to behave a certain way and will have that pay taken away because it’s a job and not a game.

    i try not to buy something i’m not sure of so i can avoid return fiascos but i understand about registries.

    i hope you kept the receipt. charge back time.

  40. lannister80 says:

    @Jevia: Cash/check is the best gift. :)

  41. Legal_Eagle_In_Training says:

    @sleze69: I wish I had known you last year! Before our wedding last May, one of the places we registered at was Target. A month after the wedding, I gathered up a few things that we had gotten duplicates of or that were broken in shipping from (a WHOLE other story). When I brought everything back to my target with what gift receipts were given and a copy of my registry, it took three hours before everything was said and done and I walked out with a Target gift card. What a miserable experience.

    A friend of mine is getting married next month and when she was figuring out where to register, I made darn sure she stayed away from Target.

  42. koreanforrabbit says:

    I have my wedding registry set up at Target mainly because you can always find one, no matter what part of the country you may be in. My fiance and I have friends and family all over the place, and they all have a Target in their neighborhood. Also, my family overseas can select items from the registry and have them delivered directly to my home.

    @Dooley: I used to be a little weirded out by the idea of a bridal registry too…until I worked in the wedding industry. In the States it’s standard operating procedure. Printing where you’re registered on the invite or info card is deffo tacky tacky tacky (as is “Cash gifts are preferred” – yikes); but if an invitee approaches the family of the couple, there’s not a thing wrong with letting them know. The purpose of a registry is to make life easier for the gifter.

  43. arniec says:

    @Scuba Steve: My wife let me register at the official Star Wars store… There are worse things in life…

    Oh, and we registered for (and got) an XBox on our Target registry. Which, other than me scanning milk and gum with the fun scanner-gun, had absolutely no problems.

  44. SigmundTheSeaMonster says:

    Wait Wait. What?
    Consumer received a gift, from a Target registry. A registry is setup for bridal/expecting moms to list gifts they need purchased. Right?
    This consumer received a gift she didn’t want? Returns it to get refund -NOT exchange (with gift receipt) for more than gift was bought? Contradicts Target that gift WAS more than current price (has receipt. LET US SEE A COPY OF BOTH).
    Sounds like someone is trying to pull one over (either Target or Consumer). Something doesn’t make sense here. Wouldn’t they just credit the card if there is a receipt?

  45. xredgambit says:

    I think target should easily give her a gift card. I side with the OP, exect on the verbage that they stole from her. No one stole anything. Target did wrong by not giving a gift card for the whole amount. But they didn’t steal anything. The OP got it as a gift, she didn’t buy it with her own money then try to get a refund.
    So come on Target, it should be easy to just give a gift card.

  46. ogman says:

    That letter from “Dannie” is either computer generated or Bangalore Babble.

  47. RabbitDinner says:

    I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again. I love Target, but they’re only as good as their minimum wage drones. It truly is a product of the local educational system-apathetic, incompetent, all around worthless employees, or people who can actually think for themselves and actually care.

  48. crashfrog says:

    @Dooley: Personally, I find the whole idea of registry a little tacky… Telling people what gifts to get you, and where they should shop to get them. But that’s me.

    A lot of people actually want this, as I discovered when I was getting married. People want to know that they’re getting you something you can use, something you need, instead of your 6th blender. The registry helps people avoid duplicate gifts.

    And registering at Target, or a similar store, is a great way to deal with the fact that people want to do their wedding shopping before they fly out to your wedding. Being able to get your registry seven states away is pretty convenient.

    I hear what you’re saying – ideally, a gift-giving occasion should be one where you just know the person so well that choosing a gift is easy. But a situation like a marriage or a new child is often one that distant relatives, work colleagues, or friends-of-friends get involved in, and they may not know you well enough to pick something, but may well feel obligated to bring a gift, anyway.

    For my own part I always give a kitchen fire extinguisher as a gift. It’s an item that relatively few people remember to buy, but everyone should have.

  49. bagumpity says:

    I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again:

    The two classes of women you DON’T want to mess with are brides and expectant mothers. They are both going through enormous amounts of stress, usually dealing with it with admirable courage and restraint, and worthy of your utmost respect and accomodation.

  50. dewsipper says:

    @Dooley: I didn’t register at first for my wedding/shower, since I’m not a big fan of registries myself and rarely buy off registries personally. However, I was called by two aunts and a few freinds wanting to know where I was registered. So I bit the bullet and registered at several places. The registeries were there for the people who wanted to use them, and they did get used. It was not printed on the invitation, but the shower hosts and parents had a list if anyone inquired. And yes, I DID register at Wal-Mart. Some wedding attendees are not in the best of financial situations. A nice selection of reasonably priced items that we actually did want or could use located at a store close to our friends/relatives seemed prudent.

    @Scuba Steve: There is hope for a Game-Stop registry! I recently attended a shower where they used the Bass Pro Shop’s “Gear Wish List” as a registry. Quite a few of the elders found it odd and even offensive. But when questioned about it at the shower, the bride-to-be explained that she does not like to cook, and she and her fiance spend most of their time fishing, hunting, hiking, and kayaking together.

    Bed, Bath and Beyond was by the far the easiest for everyong to use, including having items mailed to a specific location (not our home, since we do not get mail delivery), returns, and ordering additional quantities of items on the registry that had gone on clearance, and discounts on items not received from the registry. Nobody bought a thing from the Target registry, so I cannot comment on it’s pros and cons.

  51. jackal676 says:

    @SigmundTheSeaMonster: RTFA.

    This consumer received a gift she didn’t want? Returns it to get refund -NOT exchange (with gift receipt) for more than gift was bought?

    It doesn’t really matter why she returned it. Maybe it looked nice at the store, but the item was actually a piece of junk. And no, not for more than it was bought. They’re trying to give her a $25 refund on something that the gift giver paid $100 for.

  52. RabbitDinner says:

    Assuming I can get better service at another store if necessary and I got an apology, I wouldn’t put Target on my personal boycott list. There are assclowns working everywhere, and Target has earned the benefit of my doubt

  53. jcrn says:

    Am I missing something here? The woman had a receipt with the price on it. She tried to return an item. If gift receipts aren’t worth anything when it comes to returning items to Target, what is the point of the receipt?

    All the other stuff (her perceptions, whether or not someone yelled at her) muddies the waters. Good communication and decent customer service has to be in place or a store goes downhill in its rep. I’m not sure this could hurt a monster like Target but I’d be upset, too, if I had a receipt and tried to return an item, only to have to jump through hoops. It was a baby chair, not a $900 item! C’mon, would it have hurt to give the woman back her money, especially with a gift receipt in hand?

  54. Angryrider says:

    Hmm… If Target is the devil, that makes Walmart the Superdevil.

    One shouldn’t rely on 1 store for everything. If I was going to do a wedding registry, I’d do it at a better department store, not Wal Mart Lite.
    I’ve never had to deal with Target much, ’cause I just zip in and zip out whenever I shop.

  55. sooner2k1 says:

    Something is very very wrong with this post. First the OP left out a lot of information, Second the argument does not make any sense. No sane person would still tell you that you bought something at a cheaper price, when you have a receipt in hand showing otherwise.

    Here is how it probably went down:

    Customer: brings item to store for return w/ just registry recepeipt.

    CS: Ok we would be glad to give you a GC, that item is currently in our system for $(clearance amount).

    Customer: No Way! They paid way more for that! I want to speak with the manager.

    CS Manager: I’m sorry, unless you have the actual receipt, we have no way of telling how much was paid and we can only offer what is currently in the system.

    Customer: (Big Hissy Fit)

    CS Manager: I’ll call phone support (puts customer on phone with person from “India”).

    Indian CS Manager: Sorry we cannot help, blah blah,…

    Customer: Gets mad and goes on the offensive.

    Indian CS Manager: Goes on defensive, does not “Yell at customer”.

    Customer: leaves, creates negative website about Target.

    Yes it sucks that Target has some flaws in their registry process, but seriously, get a life. Nobody “Yelled” at you, and you brought most of the argument on yourself by being confrontational and going on the offensive.

  56. RabbitDinner says:

    @sooner2k1: I can’t stand being yelled at, but Target doesn’t hire the Indians. Take issue with the management

  57. mavrick67 says:

    What is the point in returning something your registered for? Isn’t that the point in a registry?
    OK, maybe you put down a ton of items on your list and changed your mind about one, but she said she only had 5 items on her registry.

  58. SkokieGuy says:

    @sooner2k1: Do you have any interest in reading the original post before you state that it’s wrong and ‘correct’ it with your own fantasy version of the events?

    The woman stated that the registry purchase did not trigger the original amount paid (which it should). So she went back a 2nd time with the actual receipt.

    You may also want to read the Consumerist Comment Code. []

  59. floraposte says:

    I don’t find the OP hugely likeable, but I also think she got screwed and she didn’t deserve to be. I would agree that the Target employees’ limited powers tend to be a problem, and I know at my local they hate, hate having to call the phone folks. It’s particular hell if you’re returning an online purchase, even if technically you should be able to do it in the store. However, the employees in my case have always been deeply apologetic and very clear to blame the system, not to suggest that I was doing something wrong; it sounds like she got employees who tried to blame her for trying to do something that should have been a no-brainer.

  60. RabbitDinner says:

    I agree: that the management is poor and the employees’ limited power is frustrating, but the title is misleading. Yeah, I know she was yelled at by a representative of Target, but how on earth is it Target’s fault that some clown on another continent who wasn’t even hired by them yelled at her? Yes, maybe an apology is due, but come on.

  61. mzs says:

    @Savvy-faire: I agree and boy do I feel bad for the future husband. I wonder if she’s pregnant, that can explain some degree of nastiness.

  62. The Real 31 says:

    This is why your register at Bed Bath and Beyond. We took everything back to BBB in Colorado (live in Utah). Got a gift card with all the money on it. Bought it all back in Utah, for 20% off.

    No better place to register. Can you say Magic Bullet?

  63. snoop-blog says:

    My city said no to Target. They had a billboard up in a field across from our Super Wal-mart that read if we wanted a Target to call the number on the billboard and tell them. Apparently, No one really cared that much.

  64. samurailynn says:

    I am wondering if the OP wanted cash back, but Target could only give cash back for the lowest 90 day price or whatever, and that if she had accepted a gift card she could have gotten the full amount. This may have been compounded by first accepting the 20-something dollars as cash back and then wanting cash to make up the difference when she brought in the original receipt.

  65. dweebster says:

    Target USED to be a decent place to shop years ago. Actually priced things below full retail, employees were more laid back, customer service existed and was helpful. They would accept back merchandise at the service desk. I spent a hell of a lot of money there.

    Then some bean-counters must have over-exerted their power and messed things up. “Service” Desk went to the exact kind of policy that she describes here – full corporate blowoff. And the prices went up and up and up. And the employees started looking stressed out and pissed off. Not a fun place to spend time or money anymore except in a pinch.

    OP should have the person who gave her the gift file a CHARGEBACK. If it’s past the time, send a succinct letter to Target Corporate that you intend to sue them for fraud – you seem to have enough evidence to spend a little while in court (with your babe in arm) showing the judge exactly what that store is pulling. Won’t be pretty if Target doesn’t show up.

  66. bristolcat says:

    We registered at both Target and Bed Bath and Beyond for our wedding. We had heard horror stories about Target, even from the Bed Bath and Beyond salesperson. The Target computer registry was flaky, with random stuff being deleted now and then and purchased items were not always marked as fulfilled. All in all, it wasn’t a disaster. And it must have been very convenient for our guests to go to Target as we got almost everything from the Target list and almost nothing from the Bed Bath and Beyond list.

    When it came time to make returns, though, I was fully expecting to spend time at Target arguing with customer service and trying not to get screwed over. To my surprise, it couldn’t have gone better. There was no line at customer service, they were quick and courteous and everything went perfect and smooth.

    It was a surprising contrast to our experience at Bed Bath and Beyond, where we had to spend an hour and a half dealing with customer service when trying to purchase items off our registry that we didn’t receive as gifts. Everything went wrong and one of our placemats rang up at $230 dollars without the clerk noticing or saying anything!

    The worst experience was Sears, though. The employees were never trained on how to use their gift registry system and therefore not a single item that was purchased off of that registry was marked as fulfilled. Some employees didn’t even know they offered gift registries.

  67. SkokieGuy says:

    @snoop-blog: Your city said NO to Target but they said yes to a Super Walmart? Wow. I’d love to see those Walmart contributions to the local politician’s campaign funds.

  68. homerjay says:

    Am I the only one completely appalled at “Dannie’s” attempt at proper grammar? It was unbelievable.

  69. MikeGrenade says:

    The problem that no one seems to have mentioned here is that at the time of the original visit, guest service apparently ignored her gift receipt and ran a “no receipt return,” which is the only way to wind up getting just the lowest price of an item. If a receipt was actually used, the only amount that can be refunded is the amount that was originally paid – No exceptions. It’s all automated in the POS with a total of two keystrokes to confirm the refund. So the questions should be: Why didn’t they use her gift receipt? Was guest service at that store clueless? Was the receipt expired? Why didn’t anyone else catch the original mistake?

  70. Inglix_the_Mad says:


    It’s really helpful to keep track of the things a person needs to get for something like a baby shower. Even in weddings, in the case of my wife and I, we both lived on our own for years, and therein had two sets of pots, pans, et al. People that wanted to, looked at the registry, everyone else took their chances (do we need another nesco, coffee maker, ice cream scoop).

    Personally I didn’t care what people bought. Nobody was going to go out and buy me the new drill press I wanted anyway :p

  71. Amiga_500 says:

    @homerjay: WOW! Thanks so much for adding such valuable information to this thread!

  72. B1663R says:

    @Amiga_500: hey, he didn’t get that star for nothing you know. ;)

  73. kakarotthemonkey says:


  74. loueloui says:

    Target, and especially returning stuff at Target SUCKS.

    They changed their return policy one week after Christmas to screw over everyone who received gifts from their store. Hope that extra revenue boost was worth it you penny pinching pricks.

  75. Rectilinear Propagation says:

    @MikeGrenade: It might be because of what valarmorghulis said earlier: They can’t give cash refunds for credit card purchases which means the person who bought the gift would be the one who’d have to return it if they wanted the full refund.

    This is something that should be stated on those gift receipts though. “Notice: This gift receipt is totally worthless if the gift was purchased with a credit card. Just give it back to the person who gave it to you.”

  76. imwm says:

    @jcrn: It was a gift receipt, so it wouldn’t have had the price on it.

  77. xipander says:

    I don’t know what kind of PoS (point of sale) system Target uses, but the company I work for has been having vendor’s come in and give us demo’s since we’re in the markey for a new one for our registers. All the ones we looked at so far on the gift reciepts instead of having a censord price or some asterix it had a code, usually 3 – 6 alphanumeric digits and those digits directly looked up to a price. So instead of just taking the item and looking it up in the current database with current price, it would print an encoded price on the recirpt of exactly what was paid for it, then when you return with a gift reciept it decodes to a price, regardless of what the item was or current price of the item.

  78. RabbitDinner says:

    @Amiga_500: Whoa whoa whoa what makes you think you can call out a star commenter? It addressed something in the OP while at the same time not bashing the OP

  79. samurailynn says:

    @Rectilinear Propagation: But, even if they can’t give a cash refund for a credit card purchase, they will almost always give you a store gift card for that amount. It sounds like the OP wanted cash, not a gift card.

  80. trogam says:

    @Savvy-faire: You worked at Guest Services? That was the one area I was glad I never got put at. I tend to agree with the whole “Powerless” to do things.
    As for the OP…I never heard anyone working at my Target yell at a “Guest.” Also, I never heard of an instance where we had guests using the phone and talking to someone. Usually we’d be the ones to call someplace and deal with it. Also, it seems that Targets have begun to go downhill due to budget issues. And really, Target does try to promote a friendly atmosphere (at least where I worked) towards guests.
    Keep this in mind people, when you are dealing with anyone in retail, yes they may be an asshole, but sometimes they are in a bad mood because they’ve had lotion thrown at them (True Story), been yelled at by a “guest”, or they’re the lone person working in seasonal section during halloween and they have just cleaned up a aisle only to have it torn apart in five minutes. (I’ve got a few stories of customers being real idiots towards me and others if anyone ever wants to hear a few) Yes, you’re mad and you’re pissed, but take a deep breath and try to remain calm. It’ll help out both parties in the long run.

  81. chrisexv6 says:


    You can buy the gift elsewhere and go to the registered store and request they knock it off the registry. Sometimes you can even look up and edit the registry online.

    Ive done it several times, sometimes for convenience and sometimes for the fact I wont go to the stores people are registered at.

  82. homerjay says:

    @Amiga_500: Hey, I aim to please.
    I didn’t bother reading the entire thread before posting that. I just did a search for a few key phrases and didn’t find them.
    Sue me, noob.

  83. howie_in_az says:

    @Dooley: My fiance and I are going through this right now. At first we had the same attitude as you — any gift we get will be thoughtful and cherished. Then we started getting oddball stuff, like three olive oil containers shaped like cats. Then we got four sets of the same glasses. Then two sets of completely different $100+ china. We were getting tons of emails asking us what we wanted, what we had, etc.

    Now we have a registry with Macy’s and Target, although I think we’re going to cancel the Target one after hearing one too many horror stories. Yes, it seems hokey to have a registry, but it’s really a necessary evil because people don’t know wtf to get you. Plus not having to answer tons of emails or compare cell phone pictures (“does this look like the china you have?”) is a relief.

    ps want three olive oil containers shaped like cats?

  84. nikki0081 says:

    I returned a few things at my local Target without a receipt and had no problem getting my money back, but after reading several articles on this site I would never register there.

  85. Consumerist-Moderator-Roz says:

    @homerjay: Let’s grow up and leave grammar nitpicks off the comments, shall we?

  86. MrFreshy says:

    This story must be FROM THE FUTURE!!!
    The reason that I say this is that the store mentioned in the article (Brandywine) is still under construction. It will not be open for a few months yet. I live 5 minutes away from the construction site.
    If she tried to return stuff there, no wonder she had trouble!

  87. describe_one says:

    Target is the one store that actually waived my 15% restocking fee on many of the registry items I had to return. She should draft a letter to their corporate office because it sounds like she’s caught in the middle management doldrums. Name names and take no prisoners; they’ll probably take care of you in the end.

  88. Aisley says:

    Sorry to swim against the flow, but I have always had good experiences with Target. On the last one, I went to get some kids t-shirts they have on special at $3.99 (a great price on its own). As I was walking out of the store, I took a look at the register receive and saw that one of the t-shirts was charged at $5.99. I went back to customer service. My idea was for them to find out which one was the $5.99 one so I can return it (I know, I know, I’m a cheapy!). The thing is that I just started telling the employee, when she punch something in the register, scan one of the t-shirts and gave me the $2.10 back. That’s customer service! Of course, I would have loved to be able to tell the whole story to her, but hey, I got my refund, no complaints here.

    FYI for engaged couples: Having a registry for the gifts does not make a difference. I asked all my guests to not buy or give us any gifts, as I was moving overseas and didn’t want to carry unnecessary weight. But, heck, some of them did it anyway, and the rest gave us money. Well, we all love money, I know, but when I said “PLEASE NO GIFTS, PLEASE”, I meant it.

  89. silver-spork says:

    Trying to return things to the Target at the Brandywine Town Cente (in Delaware) is not worth the effort. Their computer system is totally screwed up – the last time I returned something with a normal receipt, their system could not bring up the price I paid. Half an hour later, I finally got a refund.

  90. SharkD says:

    This is exactly why we didn’t register at Target for our April wedding (we chose LnT and C&B, instead).

    And, it’s exactly why we won’t be registering at Target for our baby shower, due in January.

  91. Anonymously says:

    @Dooley: I’m registered at Wal-Mart. :-( I’ve always thought people that register for $300 coffee grinders came off as entitled jerks, so I opted to register for regular stuff with regular prices.

  92. fett387 says:

    I’ve had more bad experiences at Target than any other big box stores. For example, I’ve returned items to Target and they offered to charge back the credit on my credit card. You would assume that everything was done correctly because the return receipt shows the correct amount, but on two different occasions my credit card statement showed LESS was credited. They told me it was too bad because I couldn’t find my reciepts. Yes, I should have kept the receipt in a safe place until the credit card bill came. However, that doesn’t negate the fact they are screwing me and probably many others.
    My family and a couple of other families that I have shared my story with have stopped shopping there.

  93. MrMold says:

    Not a surprise. Other posters have detailed the increasing reluctance of retailers to take losses, particularly on the receipt issue. Too much fraud and abuse and the stores will not longer assume you are honest. Instead, they will scrutinize you the way merchants used to.

  94. MrMold says:


  95. floraposte says:

    @MrFreshy: I think that’s Brandywine in MD and she was dealing with Brandywine in Wilmington, DE. But boy, is there going to be confusion between the two once the new one is up.

  96. snoop-blog says:

    @SkokieGuy: Well I think I worded my comment wrong…

    Target put up the billboard, not my city. So Target was trying to get a feel for how large of a customer base my city had. But it wasn’t big enough apparently. They already had the land plotted out and zoned, I just thought they figured that they wouldn’t be able to compete with the Super Wal-mart across the street.

    And I live in the mid west, not the west (where they hate wal-mart enought to picket it.) Here in the good ole hoosier country, we welcome as many wal-marts as we can get. (My city is large enough to have 2, yes 2, Super Wal-marts, and yes both of them are Super Wal-marts. We can’t get enough Wal-mart. But weez jis po simpo kuntry foke round heer. Y’all wouldn’t understand.

  97. jenl1625 says:

    “Am I missing something here? The woman had a receipt with the price on it. She tried to return an item. If gift receipts aren’t worth anything when it comes to returning items to Target, what is the point of the receipt?”

    When she first made the return (to the Brandywine store), she had only the gift receipt (which has no $ figures). They scanned it and told her that the gift-giver (step-mom) paid only $24.98.

    She took the $24.98. Then she found out that step-mom actually paid $99.99.

    So she goes to a *different* Target, and tries to get them to refund her the difference in price.

    At this point, three issues: 1) They’ve already refunded money to her, and I doubt their system likes refunding multiple times on a single item. 2) Their system still believes (despite the sales receipt) that step-mom only paid the amount that’s already been refunded. 3) She’s talking to customer service at a different store from the one that already gave her a refund.

  98. koreanforrabbit says:

    @snoop-blog: When I lived in Chicago, where Wal-Mart is not allowed to tread, I used to visit my mom in Indiana specifically to shop there. It was my secret shame. But how could I resist Wal-Mart’s low-low prices?! Not to mention the fact that they sell Carhartt stuff.

    I still love me some Target, though.

  99. HogwartsAlum says:

    “Now, the heartless side of me has to say, the store took nothing from you except maybe some time. The store, however, did take money from a family member for a product.”

    That’s just what I was thinking. It was her stepmom that bought the chair, not her. I agree they should have given the refund, but it wasn’t the OP that was out the money. I don’t blame her for being mad about it, though, because it sounds like it was a great big PITA.

  100. HogwartsAlum says:


    “For my own part I always give a kitchen fire extinguisher as a gift. It’s an item that relatively few people remember to buy, but everyone should have.”

    That’s a really an excellent idea, crashfrog! :)

  101. sleze69 says:

    @bristolcat: Your story is amazing in that it directly contradicts overwhelming anecdotal evidence which states that Target sucks for registries and BB&B is the gold standard for registries.


  102. she-ray says:

    OP states that she didn’t have the receipt with her when she returned the item. Target: “without a receipt, we can only refund the lowest selling price of the last 90 days.”

    Makes sense so far.
    People may buy things on sale then attempt to get a refund for the full price, if the receipt isn’t required.

    It’s not unreasonable to expect that someone might come back with a receipt, and to have a procedure in place in order to minimize hassle and hurt feelings.

    Regardless of any class feelings that flare up in some of you for her 1)registering at Target 2)perceived gracelessness 3)unmannerly failure to pretend that $72 is a drop in the bucket to her;

    By giving the gift, the object and the refund value of the item belong to the receiver. So yes, Target “stole $72” from her.

  103. HogwartsAlum says:


    Hyuck hyuck…mah citah has 5 Wally Worlds and 1 Target. Hyuck hyuck hyuck….

    (wish Target would come to the north side of town too…they have way more movies than WalMart.)

  104. B1663R says:

    @homerjay: Ha, Ha you angered Roz the Moderator!

  105. ionerox says:

    @Scuba Steve: Hmmm… now you have me wondering whether Gamestop has a gift registry. (Target has crap for games, another reason to boo them.) I’d be all for it, who needs fancy dishes anyhow?

    ->girl who wished for and got a xbox 360 elite for her birthday.

  106. drjayphd says:

    @Dooley: Romantic? Try registering for a PlayStation 3, like one of my friends did… ;)

  107. PCLoadLetter says:

    I don’t know if this just locally or a nationwide policy, but my wife and I were told that we were only allowed to return items on registry twice(this was after the fact, no one informed of us this when we were setting up our registry). So essentially if we had to return some things we received multiples of we had to wait and make sure we didn’t get anything else or we would be sol. I refuse to by anything of substantial value from target because of their hideous customer service.

  108. RunawayJim says:

    @SomeoneGNU: If that’s the case, they shouldn’t give out gift receipts with ever purchase. The point of a gift receipt is that you get back what the person gave you. However, I believe Target’s policy with registries is store credit. We considered registering there for our wedding, but we wanted stuff you can’t get there. I have also heard registry horror stories from them, but then again, you are registering at a “discount” department store.

  109. run_sunshine says:

    On the other hand, when I ordered 1 water pitcher from my brother’s wedding registry, Target sent hime 4! Victory for the little guy!

  110. scamps says:

    @Jevia: You’re not FORCED to shop there. They’re merely suggestions.

    I don’t like sticking with one or two stores – it’s too confining. I did my registry at, where you can register for things from any online store.

  111. crashfrog says:

    @HogwartsAlum: I’m glad you like it. If you can figure out a way to have one engraved, let me know. The engraving place I went to couldn’t fit the extinguisher under the engraver, and they couldn’t engrave a curved plate or something to slap on the extinguisher.

  112. @jenl1625:

    Ah, you caught that multiple store issue as well.

  113. Zeniq says:

    That sounds ridiculous. If an MOD wants to give a gift card to a “guest”, then they can. How else do stores, target or not, grant gift cards to upset customers as a measure of customer retention?

  114. roshambo says:

    Although this whole process seems insane, there was a simple solution that the customer should have though of or the second store with nice people could have suggested that wouldn’t have involved phone calls, car trips or crazy pills. So the seat is $25.00 now and you got it at $100.00 and have s receipt stating that. Buy one at $25.00 thus giving Target back the initial refund. Then return the one that was just purchased with the original receipt listing $100.00 as the selling price. Problem solved, headache avoided.

  115. SomeoneGNU says:


    Think about it this way – I walk into a store and buy $100 item on my credit card as a gift. I give person A the gift receipt and they return it.

    If person A gets the cash back it is, in theory, a cash advance without the penalty. Credit card companies don’t like this and therefore “prohibit” it.

    However, if person A gets a gift card then they are still square with the credit card company. The store has collected $100 in credit and $100 worth of merchandise is now available to the customer. The only real change is that the merchandise will be different.

    I don’t want to be a “blame the consumer” here, but something does sound rather fishy about the story. And, of course, we’re only hearing one side of the story but here’s is what I understand.

    She went to target to return something that was purchased as a gift. She was given back $X while her mother paid $Y. She went back to get the delta, $Z, but was refused. The manager “wants” to help her but is completely unable.

    It is hard to understand from the story the full chain of events but is it possible she went to the store sans receipt and then got the lowest 90-day price? At that point the registry had the item marked as returned. Now, she finds out that she “lost money” on the transaction because the price paid was actually much higher. She tries to get this corrected and the system has it marked as returned.

    As for the manager being “unable” to help, I find that hard to believe. I realize they have limitations and must justify a lot of what they do to meet goals and such however they do have enough power to hand out a $75 gift card. Perhaps it was attitude / behaviour that cost her that gift card? From my years of customer services I “wanted” to help a lot of people. And the minute they became a jerk I was “unable” to help them.

    Don’t get me wrong – I think Target(and most big-box stores) have *horrible* customer service but even this seems a bit extreme for them.

  116. dakker says:

    Is it a new policy about making REFUNDs on the same tender as it was purchased(including same credit card down to the last 4 digits) a new trend?
    I’ve heard about it from a couple of different stores now, and wanted to know if its something that has been around forever or is it a new tactic stores are using to not give out money once they have it.

    The other policy regarding giving out store credit or gift cards for an item without a receipt for the amount its worth “now”(or in Targets case lowest price in 90 days)
    has been around for awhile, also in a lot of different stores.

    As for a policy regarding getting a return, then finding the original receipt and coming back to get it adjusted….i’m not sure a policy exists for that one, sounds like something she would have to get clarified with a manager before coming in to do it with a cashier….which would obviously have made a LARGE impact on my choice on whether i would have made the original return or not

    IF the OP had known about the ORIGINAL receipt and not been LIED to about it, she probably wouldn’t have made the decision to return the item, and would have tracked down her stepmom to get it, and not have had to go through the trouble in the first place.

    Thats why Target should make good on her needs and refund her the original amount.

  117. Meathamper says:

    Good thing I’m not married. I guess I’ll suffer that very soon.

  118. narq says:

    Yeah Target is in the business of ripping you off on returns. I tried to exchange an umbrella I had bought the day before. It had a rip, and the tag still on it. Somehow I grabbed the wrong receipt. I told them I wanted a different one because it was ripped. The lady said I need a receipt. What? For an exchange?

    Yeah so now Target DOES NOT do exchanges. In fact, they also do not apparently care if the item is defective. They told me I needed to use my license if I didn’t have the receipt. According to the lady they can’t do exchanges anymore. Everything is done in the computer as a return. So you HAVE to have a receipt, for anything, ever. Even if it’s exclusively sold at Target. Yeah. Anyway, when I finally returned it, even though I had told them it was torn… they put it in the regular returns basket. So someone is going to buy this torn umbrella.

    This same situation happened when I wanted to exchange a piece of clothing for a different size. They also claim they can’t “always” look up a purchase via your credit card number. What does that mean?

  119. Jesse in Japan says:

    She didn’t have the receipt in hand the first time, when she actually returned the item, and I don’t think their no-receipt return policy (lowest price within the last 90 days) is unreasonable. They still should have refunded her the difference when she did produce the receipt, though.

  120. civicmon says:

    woah… I live down the street from this Target.

    Word of advice, for anyone in New Castle or Delaware counties, go to the new Target at US 322/US 1, it’s QUIET… as in there’s no one there at all. The one at Brandywine Town Centre off of 202 in Delaware was 4x as busy as this new Target.

    The Brandywine TC pharmacy screwed up but it wasn’t entirely their fault… kept saying they were getting my pills in when they never did.

    If you’re returning something, all the more better since there’s no sales tax implications by returning it in PA. You’d be hit with sales taxes if you’re buying stuff in PA but if it’s something that costs $100, it’s $5 in tax. Might just be worth the effort to relax and not have to fight through people in that ultra-quiet store.

  121. thelushie says:

    @RabbitDinner: Sometimes I wonder how people actually got to be star commentators.

    I would have more sympathy if her letter wasn’t so emotional. It is right up there with calling people “minimum wage drones”, “high school drop outs”. It adds nothing to the argument and makes the person doing the insulting (or whatever) seem classless and stupid.

    Just stick with this is what happened, and this is what I think should be done and thank you.

    (Putting the refund on a gift certificate is appropriate. I always wonder about those who bring back gifts from a registry and then demand cash. I had a few when I worked in retail.)

  122. baristabrawl says:

    I haven’t had any bad experiences at Target, but I’m sure I will eventually.

  123. SomeoneGNU says:


    Given enough time you will have a bad experience anywhere.

    Even the best of stores and people have bad days.

  124. johnj21 says:

    @koreanforrabbit: “I have my wedding registry set up at Target mainly because you can always find one”

    Oh how not true! When my brother got married in June, my wife and I reviewed the registry online before we went to Target. When we got to the store, all attempts to find and print said registry failed. Customer service was also unsuccessful. I found out my uncle had the same problem. For some reason, there must be different databases that the store and the web pull from, and for some even stranger reason, these db’s are not synched

  125. HogwartsAlum says:


    Hmmm…the only thing I can think of is something like a thin metal plate with adhesive on the back, and perhaps that could be engraved and then bent and stuck on the thing. For some reason, I had “thin metal plates with adhesive on the back” pop into my head, but I can’t remember where I ever saw or handled such a thing.

  126. KLETCO says:

    I’m from MD and what is weird to me about this is that Aberdeen and Brandywine are REALLY far apart from each other – a good 2 hours! If everything else made the OP so made, why not that? Driving back and forth between 2 stores is a little crazy.

  127. StoneKitten says:

    Well I once shopped at the uber spiffy SuperTarget outside NYC.
    Laid out big cash over two years. (How big ? 9k)
    One day I needed to return an unopened pristine item MADE BY TARGET.
    They wouldn’t give me store credit.
    So after a day spent haranguing with CSR, I gave up.
    No more Target.

  128. Jeff asks: "WTF could you possibly have been thinking? says:


    My thought exactly. The gifter already bought beer with the price match refund.

  129. katoninetales says:

    @Scuba Steve: You’re a genius! Why didn’t I think of that?

    Wait, were you in the USAF? My husband’s roommate/suitemate in Korea uses that handle.

  130. katoninetales says:

    @sooner2k1: This doesn’t ring right, either. Gift receipts should have the original price on them, just in code that doesn’t make the price obvious to the consumer. The ones I’ve seen might say something like GZHH instead of 24.99–there’s a non-obvious letter-to-digit translation.

  131. kirschey says:

    My wife and I registered for the wedding registry for our wedding last year. We got most of the stuff on the registry, but some duplicates so we went to return the extra items. They gave us problems at 2 of 3 targets we went to in one day. We live in NYC and use zip car, so it is not exactly cheep to go return stuff. The other thing was, three months after the wedding, they they deleted our entire registry with no way to restore or print out or purchase the rest without notifying us. There was no apology or anything.

    What happened to target? When did they loose their “name brands for less motto?” It is now name brands for the same price as everyone else except in Brooklyn where it looks like a huricane hit the store every weekend.

  132. Tweeky says:

    Not sure all the facts are here on either story. If she did indeed have the receipt either time, then the price would have been exactly what was paid for it. On the other hand if she didn’t have the receipt and instead was using the “Gift Purchase Log” then yes the initial price is the lowest price in the last 90 days (in this case the current clearance price). But this can be easily changed by the cashier looking at the log (the whole reason its there) to see what the actual price paid was and pressing K1 (or maybe K2 I forget) and entering a new price. There’s also plenty of other things that could have gone on here, I’ve worked at the service desk for 4 years and I’ve seen guests absolutely confused (especially when upset) and unable to explain to whoever is with them why they can’t return an item or whats going on even after repeating it to them several times (and then I try again to explain it to them but sometimes people just don’t want to listen).

    For the second case, again not enough detail to figure out exactly what was going on but what it sounds like to me is the item they were trying to return was not on the gift receipt and the cashier was offering the service of looking up the receipt if they can get the credit card number that was used to purchase the item. Its not something thats usually offered (telling them to get someone elses credit card that is) but I could see maybe saying that as the last resort of available options if the guest is irritated.