Save On School Supplies With Sales Tax Holidays

School supplies in eight states are tax-free this weekend thanks to sales tax holidays. Hurry though, because the savings expire at the end of the day, unless you live in Washington D.C., where the savings last through August 10. The full list, inside…

The eight states are the usual southern bastions of education:

  • Alabama – up to $50
  • Georgia – up to $20
  • Missouri – up to $50
  • New Mexico – up to $15
  • North Carolina – up to $100
  • South Carolina – unlimited savings!
  • Tennessee – up to $100
  • Virginia – up to $20
  • Washington D.C. – up to $100 through August 10

Sales tax holidays were popular with state legislators back before the crumbling economy decimated state budgets. Florida already eliminated their sales tax holidays, and we wouldn’t be surprised if more states cut the tax breaks next year. Enjoy them while they last!

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