Wannabe Supervillain Who Claimed He Poisoned Baby Food Is Arrested

Police have arrested Anton Dunn, a 42-year-old New Yorker who uploaded videos to YouTube and other sites in which he wears a black mask and calls himself “Trashman.” In the videos, Mr. Trashman announces that he’s managed to poison “millions of bottles of baby food” with cyanide. Gerber, the company he names in his threats, says it’s found no evidence that any food has been tampered with.

Thesmokinggun found some more interesting info on Dunn, including that he filmed his incriminating announcements “from inside a shower stall,” that he claimed to have paid off the police and the FBI, and that investigators found him not through fancy IP tracing or anything like that, but because he broadcast the name of a site registered to him across the bottom of some of his Trashman videos.

Dunn has been arrested three times in the past ten months on charges unrelated to his moviemaking, according to the complaint. The Harlem resident, who has previously posted videos in which he claimed to have infected numerous female sex partners with the HIV virus, operates a low-budget porn web site and, on his MySpace page, describes himself as an “adult website owner looking to network with people in the porn and music world.”

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