Get Comcast Just For Wii? Flee? Fee.

If you think you can sign up with Comcast just to get a Wii and then cancel or downgrade service, think again. Downgrade service or cancel in the first year, $250 in fees, second year, $125. Other restrictions apply. The insider says the new Wii promotion is a bunch of crap and they and other Comcast CSRs won’t be offering it to customers unless customers beg for it because of all the caveats. Frankly, they’re in the right for protecting their asses on this one. However, it’s not too hard to imagine scenarios where Comcast gets the account details wrong and customers wrongly get assessed fees… The internal document, inside…

If customer asks…
Why is Comcast requiring that I sign a redemption form?

Then respond…
This offer is just one option for customers. It’s a choice! Comcast is committed to offering customer the best programming and services. We want to provide our loyal customers the best packages available. The package offered requires that the customer maintain the minimum level of services for 24 months.

If customer asks…
Are the rates guaranteed for 12 months for all of my boxes and services?

Then respond…
The rate of the plan (plus applicable taxes and franchise fees) is guaranteed for the Comcast Digital Cable package for a period of 12 months from the date service is activated. The package is limited to service to one outlet and does not include equipment, or other charges not specifically included in the offer (including without limitation, PPV and other non recurring charges) Upgrades to service are allowed on an a la carte basis, however, those prices are not guaranteed.

If customer asks…
What will happen to the cost of the services when the first 12 months is completed?

Then respond…
After the 12 months of the offer, Comcast’s regular service and equipment fees will apply.

[CAE Note: Please remind the customer they will start to receive the multi-product discount on their bill after their 12 month promotional rates ends.]

If customer asks…
What happens to my offer when I move?

Then respond…
If you cancel service because you move your residence to a location within a Comcast serviceable area and you reconnect to a Comcast Digital Cable service comparable to the package, the reimbursement fee will not apply.

If you move to a Comcast area without transferring service, reimbursement fees will apply.

* If you downgrade between months 2 and 12, your fee will be 100% of the value of the Wii, or $250.
* If you downgrade between months 13 and 24, then your fee will be 50% of the value of the Wii, or $125.
* If you only downgrade a DVR or HD service or any other added services above the minimum level, you will not be charged the reimbursement fee.

If customer asks…
Can I add services?

Then respond…
Since you are only required to maintain a minimum level of service you can upgrade or add services during the 24 months.

If customer asks…
What happens if I downgrade my service within the next 2 years?

Then respond…
If you downgrade service below the minimum level within the 24-month period, the reimbursement fee applies.

* If you downgrade between months 2 and 12, your fee will be 100% of the value of the Wii, or $250.
* If you downgrade between months 13 and 24, then your fee will be 50% of the value of the Wii, or $125.
* If you downgrade a DVR or HD service or any other added services above the minimum level, you will not be charged the reimbursement fee.

If customer asks…
Can I transfer the agreement into someone else’s name?

Then respond…
The redemption form is non-transferable and cannot be transferred to someone else’s name. The agreement applies to the current account holder. However, we can accept name changes due to marriage, etc. That person will need to sign a new redemption form.

If customer asks…
What happens if I lost the redemption form or I never received it?

Then respond…
A second redemption form can be mailed to the customer upon request. Please see supervisor for details.
An extension on the 30 days is at the discretion of the system.

If customer asks…
How will I know that the Wii has shipped?

Then respond…
A notification letter will be mailed up to five business days prior to the Wii system arriving at customer’s shipping address.
The letter will include a shipping address, UPS tracking number and customer service phone number for shipping inquiries.

If customer asks…
What shipping address will be used?

Then respond…
The shipping address will be the customer’s service address.

If service address does not accept deliveries or if customer requests alternate address, the Wii system will ship to customer’s billing address. Please note that the Wii system will only ship to customer’s service address or billing address [as default].

If customer asks…
How can I track the shipment status?

Then respond…
Qualifying customers can track Wii shipment status by visiting the following site:

Please note that qualifying customers should access this site AFTER they return their redemption form and 30 days have passed since Triple Play installation.

If customer asks…
Will a signature be required upon UPS delivery of the Wii?

Then respond…
No, the customer is not required to provide a signature in most cases. The only time a signature will be required is if the Wii system is shipped to a multi-dwelling unit.
We will keep record of every shipped Wii system, the UPS tracking number and ‘shipped to’ address.

If customer asks…
What happens if I don’t receive my Wii?

Then respond…
We would escalate the situation.

If customer asks…
What if I am subscribed to the Premier Triple Play Bundle and want to downgrade to Preferred Plus Triple Play Bundle in markets where the minimum level of service required for this offer is Preferred Plus?

Then respond…
Yes, you would be able to downgrade if you live in markets where the minimum level of services for this offer is Preferred Plus.

If customer asks…
I’ve heard that there were incompatibility issues between Comcast routers and the Wii. Is this true?

Then respond…
* In early versions of the Wii (pre-System Menu 2.2), there was some incompatibility with routers provided by Comcast.
* Nintendo has patched the incompatibility issues and all Wii systems manufactured since April 2007 have this patch built-in (including those allocated to Comcast for the Nintendo Wii promotion).
* There should be no issues between Comcast routers and Wii systems for this current promotion.

If customer asks…
I already have a Comcast service(s). If I add another service to make my package [Preferred Plus or Premier] Triple Play, can I get the Nintendo Wii?

Then respond…
This promotion is for new customers only [going from 0 to 3 services for a qualifying Triple Play package]. I apologize for any inconvenience this causes. However, we do have other offers available for our customers adding products to their existing services.

Termination of Redemption form terms

A reimbursement fee will be applied to the account for cancellation or downgrades from the minimum level of service between month 2 and month 24 after installation. In the reimbursement form, a local number is included so that disconnected customers can contact their former Comcast office and request the Reimbursement fee be credited.

If the customer downgrades or disconnects between month 2 and month 12, the reimbursement fee is 100% of the value of the item. ($250.) If the customer downgrades or disconnects between month 13 and month 24, the reimbursement fee is 50% of the value of the item. ($125)

Moving outside of Comcast footprint

* CAE explains a termination fee will apply

Moving within the Comcast footprint

* CAE sets up a transfer within the market or uses MoveCo.
* If successful with transfer within a system or MoveCo no Reimbursement fee applies
* If not successful, then Reimbursement fee will apply and the customer can send a Comcast bill from the new location to have the fee credited to account
* If customer does not want to tell CAE where they are moving, CAE will advise that a reimbursement fee will apply, until we receive confirmation of Comcast service has been installed *
* OR Customer can request an exemption letter for the Reimbursement Fee. This letter is to be completed and returned with proof of their new Comcast service.


* Normal Collection Process will be followed
* Work order will reflect customer has a Value Add offer (rate codes)
* If money is not collected at any step during collection process, reimbursement fee will be applied to account.


* Customer stays with Comcast, but downgrades from minimum level of service required by the Value add campaign.
* CAE probes for reason for downgrade and explains reimbursement fee applies if customer removes services below the required minimum level of service.
* Customer can upgrade to a higher level of any of the three services.
* If customer understands and wants to continue with downgrade, CAE requests manager apply the reimbursement fee according to the time left in the 24 month period.
* If the CAE is successful retaining the customer in the current service level, no reimbursement apply
* If there are extenuating circumstances that require a downgrade, account needs to be referred to management to determine if reimbursement fee will apply. An example would be the computer breaks down and customer is not getting another right away.


* If CAE is advised that the customer who accepted the Value Add offer has passed away, show empathy
* CAE will advise relative that a Reimbursement fee will be applied, but can be immediately credited with fax/mail copy of obituary or death certificate *
* CAE requests manager to apply credit of the reimbursement fee and document this on the account.

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  1. mom22bless says:

    Sounds like typical Comcast. I already have a Wii though….and Triple Play so it’s a moot point for me.

  2. jonathan. says:

    First, I kinda think this is fair. Getting the Wii and quickly downgrading is wrong on the customer’s part. The offer is good if you sign up for the advertised service. Trying to cheat Comcast means they’ll catch you trying to cheat them. I see no wrong.

    I really like the part where if the customer asks…

    We will keep record of every shipped Wii system, the UPS tracking number and ‘shipped to’ address.

    The representative should then respond…

    What happens if I don’t receive my Wii?

    No wonder why customer service is so uselss.

  3. Oh, the account holder died? I’m sorry to hear that.

    Please hold while I charge a reimbursement fee to your account.

    Thank your for dying with Comcast.

  4. NikkiSweet says:

    I love how they have to remind the CAE’s to “show empathy” if someone dies…

  5. dragon:ONE says:

    “* CAE will advise relative that a Reimbursement fee will be applied, but can be immediately credited with fax/mail copy of obituary or death certificate”

    So… fake your own death?

  6. coren says:

    @karasu is my homeboy: Haha, I didn’t catch that. Nice.

    @silencedotcom: Oh, that’s too sympathetic. Sorry you’ll be paying 250 bucks. That’s more like it.

    So if you move somewhere that Comcast isn’t, you owe them money? Awesome!

  7. coren says:

    @Dakota Courtois: Here’s my…I mean, the signee’s…obituary

  8. bonzombiekitty says:

    I don’t see nothing really wrong here. They’re offering you a Wii so that you will pay for their service at a certain level and price. They’re gonna make up for the cost of the Wii in your service subscription. Of course they’re gonna penalize you if you sign up and then scale down or cancel your services.

  9. satoru says:

    I’m wondering how Comcast is able to do this promotion. Considering the debacle that happened with giving away their free 15″ LCD TV, which are READILY available. Now they’re trying to give away a product that is still incredibly difficult to find!

    I can put on my Carnac the Magnificent hat on and accurately predict that Comcast will indeed fail to send out boat loads of Wii’s to customers resulting in a PR and customer service nightmare.

  10. drunxor says:

    i switched from comcast about two months ago to at&t. my comcast router was CONSTANTLY dropping online games and giving me effed up error messages. it wouldnt even let me play with my friends online. with at&t i have had no problems at all :)

  11. jaydez says:

    does anyone know where I can find a listing of the regular prices for comcast service? I cant find them anywhere and I am moving to a comcast only area soon (Uverse is coming soon)

    If i get stuck with comcast I want to know what my bill will be after the 6 month intro period.

  12. Average_Joe says:

    If you offer a service without requiring contracts it makes no sense to create a promotion that requires a contract. When I moved to kc, I had to sign a 15 month contract to get the advertised price. Otherwise is was 20-30 bucks more a month. ETF’s really need to be abolished. I would also assume if you are in California, you can sign up for the wii and cancel as soon as you get it.

  13. PixiePerson says:

    Not to be pro-Comcast (ever), but when I first moved they were running a “get triple play, get a free DS Lite” promotion. I didn’t even know until after I signed up and assumed I’d never get it, but lo and behold two months later, a DS Lite showed up in the mail and I never even had to sign a form or anything.

    Now, having said that, it seems they’ve gone out of their way to make sure that never happens again with this promotion.

  14. billbillbillbill says:

    @jaydez: On the website, they usually list the promotional price but then in the details tell the regular rate, or look at the next section of the rates showing what current customers pay.

  15. jefino says:

    The only thing that gets me, is you have to be with comcast for 24 months, BUT after 12 months, they JACK up your rates to unimaginable amounts and if you try to do anything about it, the will just charge you the fee. The promotion should be for the full 24 months, imo.

  16. EricaKane says:

    Does anybody bother to read which rates Comcast is actually guaranteeing? They only guarantee the “Comcast Digital Cable package” So that means they can raise the price of your Internet, raise the price of the phone, raise the price of cable box rentals, raise fees. In essence you are guaranteed nothing. Stay away.

  17. akifbayram says:

    @karasu is my homeboy:
    Seems like you read it a little bit wrong:

    If customer asks…
    What happens if I don’t receive my Wii?

    Then respond…
    We would escalate the situation.

  18. mike says:

    You can look at it from a purely business perspective.

    If you’ve been trying to get a Wii but have been unable to because of shortages, you could go with this option and pay the $250 for the Wii.

    Might be worth it for some folks.

  19. privateer says:

    I received their promo mailer yesterday. I’ve never had Comcast service anywhere, and my street address is brand new, but somehow the bastages found me.

    The promo has all sorts of “HEY WOW LOOK AT THIS!” shine all over it. And one little blurb of fine print that mentions a “fee” for canceling early. But nowhere does it mention the “fee” amount.

  20. jonathan. says:

    No that’s how it was when the story went up. Consumerist changed it.

  21. Haltingpoint says:

    I really don’t understand the outrage about the cancellations. They are offering a product that is hard to come by for the MARKET RATE (they are only asking for the wii costs back if you back out) and in exchange you sign up for a two year agreement.

    Don’t like their terms? Don’t sign up with them. Wait and find a Wii elsewhere.

    Now I admit they are being a bit shady about the price change after 12 months and what exactly is guaranteed but that is typical of EVERY cable provider, so there’s nothing particularly “Comcastic” about this offer. I sense people just like to jump on these stories because its Comcast.

  22. jonworld says:

    The way I see this: It’s probably just cheaper and faster to go out to your local electronics store and buying a Wii.

    My family’s triple play 24-month contract is just about over. There’s no way in hell we’re going to renew. Hello DirecTV!

  23. golfinggiraffe says:

    @jonworld: Not if you can’t *find* a Wii. If the delivery time of the Wii is a reasonable length of time, and you really don’t want to have to wait at a store or get there really early for one, this could be a viable option.

  24. Ubermunch says:

    FYI… Gamespot has bundled Wiis in stock and shipping. You have to buy some accessories but you *can* get one in a few days. I think I was out $450 ($399 base) with tax for Wii, extra nunchuck cntrl, remote charger, Wii Play (extra remote), Mario Galaxy… plus tax and $10 fee. Thankfully, I wanted everything in the bundle, but today (and on some days) they have the bundle without Galaxy for $350.

    And yes… they do ship… they’ll give you a tracking number… and there is a relatively reasonable 2nd days are shipping charge. I figure I’m out about $20 more than *IF* I could buy it at Target/BB/etc. But I haven’t seen them on the shelves in… well… ever, really.

    So… long story short (too late): You CAN get a Wii and it’s usually bundled with some accessories, but it is NOT bundled with Satan… er… Comcast.

  25. DigitalNoise says:

    It really entertains me to see all the comments bashing Comcast for requiring a committment, and then charging a fee if you cancel – while at the same time singing the praises of U-Verse, FiOS, etc.

    Does anyone remember when AT&T/BellSouth/et al. used to (and still do) offer a “free” DSL Modem? But you had to read the fine print – if you canceled the service during a particular time period, you’d have to pay for the modem. In my case, I had to keep the service for 3!! years.

    So seriously, come off the high horse. Or at least fall and break your neck and provide some entertainment.

    As for “jacking your prices up” – um, not really. Comcast has to get any price increases in BASIC service approved by your local Franchise authority – and in most cases, the increases are pretty small. Though, thanks to U-Verse and AT&T’s push for State-Wide Franchising, things are going to get worse – since the State, not your local County or City, will decide these base rates.

    Comcast hasn’t raised the price of it’s internet service (not promotional rates) in over 5 years – yet they’ve more than tripled the speed at no extra cost. Yes it’s tiered – but DSL has been for much longer. Hell I remember paying extra for a dedicated line that AT&T ensure would get closer to 56k on my dial-up – damn if they weren’t right – yet no outrage from people over that.

    I understand why people don’t like Comcast – they’ve burned me too – but I’m tired of them being singled out. For every bad thing they do, AT&T, Verizon, and all the other cable companies, local municipalities, etc. have all done the same or worse – you just might not know about it.

  26. grumpyski says:

    FYI – to qualify, you have to have had NO Comcast services. Then you order Triple Play (premier or preferred plus) and PAY for the WII up front. After installation, you will receive the redemption form. You send in the redemption form and receive the WII after 2 months. After that, you’ll see a “credit” to your account, which is in essence, the amount you paid earlier for the WII. This credit is not in a lump sum, but is spread out over all of your monthly bills.

    Found out all of this after a lengthy call to customer service. Asked why this isn’t listed on the TV, Radio Ad, or on the Internet ad and the CSA said “I don’t know, but this is how it works”…

  27. HeartBurnKid, creepy morbid freak says:

    @DigitalNoise: Verizon offered me a free modem, but if I cancelled in my first year, I’d have to pay a fee. I could circumvent this fee just by sending back the modem.

    DirecTV similarly offered me free equipment for signing up. If I canceled in my first year, again, I could escape the fee just by sending back the converter boxes (they ate the cost of the dish). My mom actually had to exercise this option once, and they even sent her prepaid FedEx boxes so she could ship the converters back.

    So, I guess what I’m asking is, will Comcast waive the fees if one sends back that free Wii? Because otherwise, requiring a 2-year contract and a non-pro-rated “reimbursement” if the contract is broken is pretty onerous. It’s far from the worst thing that Comcast does, but it’s still not good.

  28. christoj879 says:

    Step 1: Obtain blank death certificates and find a bunch of friends without Comcast
    Step 2: ???
    Step 3: PROFIT!