CompUSA Says They'll Make Sure Your TAP Service Is Honored

Lonny Paul, the director of e-commerce for the rebooted CompUSA, contacted us today regarding a reader’s tale of TAP woe. Lonny writes,

The All-New CompUSA will do everything they can to assure customer satisfaction, including working with Assurant to ensure satisfacton or handle it ourselves.

It is very important to the All-New CompUSA that every customer know that things are much different. In addition to the wider selection and lower prices, there is a higher level of customer service.

There are many people who think they have lost their investment in protecting their products – and it is simply untrue. Most people don’t know there is a number to call, and that number is 1-877-520-8324.

The All-New CompUSA would like to help ANYONE having issues with service and we hope they will contact our customer service department at 1-800-COMPUSA if they cannot have their issue resolved directly by Assurant.

So all of you who left stories of bad TAP follow-through in the comments earlier today, give the new CompUSA a call and see if they can help you out—and let us know how it turns out.


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  1. seldon452 says:

    Well this “All-new” CompUSA doesn’t seem half bad.

  2. The Stork says:

    But he didn’t tell us if they’re taking it seriously.

  3. mbz32190 says:

    It’s nice to see this…especially since the New CompUSA (TigerDirect) really has no legal obligation to help customers of the former owners.

  4. timmus says:

    After what Gordon Brothers did to the CompUSA name, I think CompUSA (assuming it’s run by the new Systemax company) would be better served renaming the whole damn chain.

  5. Mp3dog says:

    Wait a minute… We all know that the NEW CompUSA is owned by Tiger Direct, right? Did everyone suddenly forget about Tiger Direct’s shady customer service / satisfaction record???

  6. admiralguy says:

    One dealing with Tiger Direct in 1996 and I haven’t gone back. One dealing with CompUSA in 2002 and I never went back. This new company just seems like a black hole of rebate scams and customer no-service to me. If people are having good luck with the new CompUSA, please tell us here because their prices are finally decent and it is tempting if things have changed.

  7. The new CompuUSA is a subsidiary of Systemax. Systemax also also owns Global Industrial Equip. I have a long term business relationship with Global. Global has made more errors that I would like, but I can truthfully say Global has always promptly taken care of every problem that has arose without question.

    I would expect the same level of service from CompUSA. Good to see they are coming through as I expected.

  8. nyaz says:

    But it seems like the same old Compusa, and actually worse. Fuck tiger-direct and fuck the “All-new” Compusa. Stupid buzzwords.

  9. ThinkerTDM says:

    Renaming “CompUSA” might be a really good idea. People have long memories- it is like naming your son “Adolph”.
    Really- the only brand impression that “CompUSA” has left with people are unstocked shelves, ridiculous prices, and unmotivated employess.

  10. acknight says:

    @seldon452: I’ve now been to one of the “new” CompUSA stores, in Plano, TX.

    I was comforted by the usual CompUSA pattern of un-tagged and mis-placed tag merchandise, the semi-thorough but not very deep variety of merchandise, and the overall meh appearance of the store.

    Honestly, I’m not sure why they bothered in Plano, as there’s a Best Buy every couple miles for the consumery stuff and a Fry’s every dozen for the deeper stock of merchandise.

  11. acknight says:

    @admiralguy: Didn’t really see anything on rebate when I was there a couple weeks ago.

  12. Scuba Steve says:

    They do seem to be taking it seriously, but more importantly, they seem to understand that Assurant sucks and are handling the cases that they can’t.

    Seems like a good compromise. At least you can tell the rep that you will be calling CompUSA directly with a complaint if they don’t handle it to your satisfaction.

  13. Mfalconieri says:

    Complete and total horse shit. After working with CompUSA for 5 years, the best thing that ever could of happen to the consumer is that CompUSA screwed most of you and you would not come back to get screwed again.

    TAP will not be honored because they didn’t honor it when they were in good shape. They didn’t honor it if you said “Please”. CompUSA is better off dead.

  14. inkdracula says:

    Assurant does suck. Trust me, I closed down a CompUSA. For any issue, you MUST send in your laptop, even if you need a new power cord, battery, etc. Best part, They send it sub-par ground, so the box will be there in two weeks, and then you have to send it back. A lotta bullshit, but what do you expect from a company that isn’t around anymore?

  15. chumleyex says:

    OMG CompUSA is still around?

  16. doodzed says:

    Don’t trust them. I bought a processor from the new CompUSA and the sleezebags pulled the shipment as it was on the UPS truck as it was about to be delivered.

    When I called them they said that my options were to either wait and pay double what I paid or accept an inferior product and get free shipping. It took them over a week after pulling the shipment to refund my money.

    Do not rust these guys. The are at best disorganized.

  17. Crymson_77 says:

    @acknight: They actually impressed me at the Plano store. I was looking for the open source Linksys Wifi-G router and they were the only ones in town with stock.

    @doodzed: There’s your problem. If you can’t walk into the store at the “all new” CompUSA, don’t buy from them. It is best to have what you want in hand rather than relying on them to ship it. You want it shipped? Go to Newegg.

  18. vladthepaler says:

    Is that a wiretap “service”, like AT&T so eagerly provides? Really, I’d prefer not to have that service honored.

  19. sprocket79 says:

    I wonder if he was able to type “All-New CompUSA” so many times without rolling his eyes or gagging?

  20. RogerMaris says:

    The “new” CompUSA and Tiger Direct are birds of a feather. As the family PC repair guy I’ve seen Tiger Direct perform the bait & switch technique (a $120 markup), the used part (or badly abused returned part) sold as new technique and the shipped the wrong part restocking fee technique. Each time the consumer gets hit with fees and it’s Tiger Directs fault. Each time I’ve been able to replicate the error and prove fault. Each time I’ve got hit with the fees regardless. Each time I’ve had to walk the relative through the grievence process with their credit card company against Tiger Direct. Now most relatives know “Tiger Direct = Rip-Off.”

    I can’t wait for the next Consumerist article blasting the “new” CompUSA…should be next month.

  21. iTommy says:

    Just wanna give a heads up anyone with questions for the old compUSA, or if you still have a gift card you can head to
    it’s what is left of the old compusa’s corporate.

  22. RAL3213 says:

    I purchased my Sony VIAO laptop on August 28, 2005, along with a 3 year TAP plan online. I have been having a problem with CompUSA honoring my TAP plan now for over a month. I first called on June 29 and told them what happened to my computer. After almost an hour on the phone, the guy told me to order the system restore CD’s for my computer and try that. He also told me that I would have to fax in proof of my purchase to show that I had purchased my computer and my warranty. I faxed in my Web Order confirmation showing all of my purchases, including the computer and warranty on July 1st.

    On July 10th, after I had tried the system restores CD’s and they did not work, I called back CompUSA. They told me that the fax was not received because the first guy had given me the old fax number that they do not use. Then they transferred me to someone who was able to find the fax, and told me it would be 3 more business days until it was put into their system.

    I called back July 15th, and was told the fax had still not been put into their system. After being given the run around by this guy, I asked to talk to a Supervisor. The Supervisor said he would “personally take care of it tomorrow and to call back tomorrow” and I would be able to get my computer sent in.

    I called back the next night, and it still wasn’t taken care of. I requested to speak with a supervisor again, and it ended up being the same guy from the previous night. He told me there was nothing that he could do and it would be 2-3 more business days before it was in their system.

    I called back on July 21st and explained what had happened and the girl that I talked to told me it was still not in their system. I requested once again to talk to a supervisor and she put me on hold. After being on hold for 20 minutes, she told me that no supervisor could be found at the time and one would call me back.

    After waiting around all afternoon for a supervisor to call me back, I finally called back. I spoke with a man who told me that I needed to re-fax my information in because the fax had not been received. (Keep in mind that this is after talking to five different people, including a supervisor twice that the fax had been received). He told me then that after the fax was received at the correct number that I should have been given in the first place, it would be another 3 business days.

    After waiting the three business days, AGAIN, I called back on July 25th. This woman told me that the information that I had supplied was not enough for them to create a contract.

    I had found a number to call that said that they were the OLD CompUSA (866-366-0642) so I tried giving them a call. This got me to the same number I’ve been calling and the woman informed me there was nothing that they would do.

    I took my computer to Circuit City over the weekend, only for them to charge me $32 to tell me that they are not equipped to fix the problem with my computer, I came home to search and found this website. After reading the statement from Lonny Paul, I decided to give CompUSA another chance.

    This morning at 8:30, I called 1-800-COMP-USA as Lonny Paul stated, and explained the problem that I was having. The guy that I talked to stated that he didn’t think there was much that they could do, but he would have a manager call me back. I left my name, phone number, cell phone number and email.

    After waiting until 4:00 and receiving no call or email from anyone at CompUSA, I decided to call back. I explained that I was waiting for a phone call from a manager and no one had gotten back to me so I called back to try and resolve this problem. I explained the problem that I’ve been having, and explained that I have never been treated so rudely by any company. This guy told me that I was “wasting my time” by calling them and proceeded to tell me that CompUSA had been bought out and the only reason they still have the name was in order to be allowed to open stores in Texas. He repeatedly told me that I was wasting my time and was very aggressive about this. He also implied that I was wasting his time by calling the number. I even read him the statement that Lonny Paul had left on this site stating that this was the number that I should call if I was having problems with my TAP plan being honored. He told me to contact my credit card company, which I have done and now have to wait 14 days for my statement to come to try to prove that I really have purchased this computer. At no time was there any kind of apology for no manager calling me back or for the problems that I have been having.

    Hopefully this will help someone out, or Lonny Paul will read this and realize that he needs to talk to his people in “Customer Service”.

  23. 5911 says:

    RAL3213 – you have my story already printed! I called CompUSA in March 2008, received a claim number, and was told to wait. I did that, called back a month or so later, and the claim number was “lost”. They generated a new claim, asked for a copy of the sales receipt to verify the purchase. Fair enough, but they draged it out past the end of the warranty. They then stated that the computer is out of warranty, and that they would not be able to help. I would have needed to call before April if I wanted service. I explained that I had a claim from March, and written comfirmation to back it up. Their response was that I needed to call before April to receive service. I guess the people in Texas do not realize that March comes before April. After many calls to supervisors with promises of calls returned, and none returned. I wrote a letter of demand to the CEO,and that was passed off to Tracy Bayless in Customer Service. She has taken the same approach as everyone else. There is no interest from CompUSA to help get Assurant to honor the repair warranties, and CompUSA has expressed no interest in honoring the warranty. It sounds to me like this “Lonny Paul” is a hoax. In closing, I stopped at the courthouse today and picked up the court papers to start the lawsuit. This will end up costing CompUSA a lot more money than the cost of repairs.

  24. Anonymous says:

    Yes, how comw i’m having problems getting my computer repaired? I bought a 3 year TAP Plan, have had a repair man out here 5 times, had the mother board and other pieces replaced twice, and the puter still don’t work. It was sugessted that it be replaced, but I get no where when i call and try and get it done. Please email me at and let me know who to call to get this taken care of.

  25. thebeatles says:

    Yes, who can i call to honor my TAP plan. i have an all-in-one HP Touchscreen that I paid $1,800.00, and have had a guy out 5 times, and he coud not fix it. He was sent by the TAP people, and suggested a replacement to them. I keep getting the runaround from Compusa, saying it is in the hands of the “OLD COMPUSA”. They will not replace it or send me another one, as the TAP plan states, “IF a tech come out 3 times for the same reason, which a man named Denny Medina from Prism Pointe Technologies did, the computer will be repaced, or money refunded” Neither of these has happened, so who do I contact to get it fixed, replaced, or whatever?
    Please email me at
    Thank You