McDonald's Robber Is Finalist For McDonald's Jingle Contest

Perhaps in attempt to restore his McDonald’s karma, a man who once held up a McDonald’s at gunpoint is now one of two South Florida finalists in a McDonald’s jingle contest. Tamien Bain, age 29, held up a McDonald’s store when was 14 and served 12 years for the crime. Want to hear his jingle?

Go to this Myspace link and select track 4. Winners will be announced on July, 22nd.

The SunSentinel article says,

Bain said he told contest officials up front about his past experience with the fast-food chain. Being a finalist has brought his life with McDonald’s full circle.

On Memorial Day 1994, Bain and two other young men were thinking of robbing a bank, when they decided at the last minute to hold up a Miami McDonald’s instead.

No shots were fired during the robbery. But Bain, the youngest of the three defendants, was caught on the spot and later charged as an adult.

“The law at that time was very tough, especially in regard to juveniles,” said state Rep. Maria Sachs, D- Delray Beach, who at the time was Bain’s defense lawyer.

In prison, however, Bain channeled his energy into his music. His talent for stringing lyrics together won him numerous prizes in prison talent shows, he said.

We wish good luck to Bain, we guess? Perhaps there is some sort of full circle thing going on, because now he is trying to make McDonald’s money instead of stealing from them.

McDonald’s robber is finalist in jingle contest — for McDonald’s [SunSentinel]

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