Coca-Cola: Expect Higher Prices After Labor Day

The U.S. Coca-Cola market just isn’t what it used to be — bottler Coca-Cola Enterprises’ profit fell 23% due to commodity costs and sluggish U.S. sales. The solution? Raise prices. You can expect battled Coke to cost a little more after labor day.

Coca-Cola Enterprises, which has about 80 percent of the United States market for Coke, said it would raise prices after Labor Day because of higher commodity costs and declining American soda sales. It said prices would go up by a percentage in the mid-single digit to high-single digit range. Bottlers set prices for retailers like grocery stores.

Hey, at least they didn’t change the bottle size, right?

Biggest Bottler of Coke Plans to Increase Prices [NYT]
(Photo: balmes. )

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