Reader Gets Sleep Number To Exchange Moldy Mattress

Like all those people who joined the class-action suit, Consumerist reader Russ has a moldy Select Comfort mattress. Unlike many of them, he was able to use it to get a new bed, and the old bed taken away, for free. Here’s how he negotiated with customer service:

Russ writes:

I called Select Comfort, and informed them that my 3000 series king bed has mold issues, both on the pad and the air chambers. I informed them that I’ve done my research and am fully aware that there is a pending class action lawsuit against Select Comfort for this issue, and as a result I want a new bed shipped to me with return shipping labels for the defective bed. The customer service agent placed me on hold for a minute or so, and then came back and agreed to my request. Select Comfort is sending me a new bed, with return shipping labels.

I’ve always had great success when working with them in the past, but thanks to The Consumerist, I pretty sure I got better service then I would have normally.

Keys to this reader’s success, he…

1. Researched the issue
2. Let them know he knew the facts about how widespread the issue
3. Explicitly asked for what he wanted
4. Read The Consumerist

…taking his experience from a 0 to a 100.

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