National iPhone 3G Activation Failure Due To Apple's "Short Tether" System?

When I heard that the iPhone activations were completely borked, I thought, man, that’s what you get for partnering with the Death Star. But from what reader Justin heard from an ATT rep, oh-so-pristine Appple might actually be the one with blemishes. He writes,

According to an ATT rep I just spoke with, the problem is with Apple’s Short Tether system, which is the Apple-side system that does the last part of the activation. I got my $36 activation fee refunded just by calling their customer service, and also had additional $59.50 credited back to my account in addition. I’m pissed that my iPhone isn’t working, but at least I got $95.50 of my iMoneys back!

Then again, that is an AT&T rep. No doubt Apple reps are blaming the outage on AT&T’s “Long Bridle” system or some such thing…

(Photo: Getty)

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