Grocery Shrink Ray Hits Purina Dog Food

Michael sends in this latest Grocery Shrink Ray victim, found at the Petsmart where he works. He writes, “The price is the same, and the 20lb bag is apparently being “upgraded” to an 18lb bag. This was the only 20lb bag left, but consumers who pay attention may be able to still be able to find some of the larger bags in stores.”


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  1. snoop-blog says:

    I wondered why it seemed like we were going through it faster. I just thought the dog was eating more.

  2. Dobernala says:

    @snoop-blog: We? You’re eating it too?

  3. snoop-blog says:

    @Dobernala: Hey I like a nice shiny coat, so get off it!

  4. henrygates says:

    With the price of groceries these days who can afford not to eat kibble?

  5. MercuryPDX says:

    @Dobernala: You mean you’ve never tried it?

    Hmmm… this can be stockpiled right?

  6. Trai_Dep says:

    To be fair, when mixed with several frolicking kittens and gravy, most pooches won’t mind the two pounds of missing chow in their bowl.
    Have a larger breed? Don’t fret. Substitute paperboys for kittens. Chubby, slow-moving paperboys!

  7. scottpee says:

    i may be mistaken, but i think the 37lb size also just shrunk to 34lbs.

    anyone know for sure?

    i buy it every few weeks, but thought nothing of it until now.

  8. MercuryPDX says:

    @Trai_Dep: I actually do 1.5 cups of the kibble plus one pouch of Pedigree “Little Champions” for the dog’s breakfast.

    The Pedigree pouches suffer from the shrink ray’s cousin issue: It’s cheaper to buy 3 8-pouch boxes than 2 12-pouch boxes.

  9. MissPeacock says:

    Does that sticker on the bag really say “With Yogurt”??

  10. MercuryPDX says:

    @MissPeacock: Yes. It’s good for them. It replaces their bacterial flora after an anti-biotics regimen, and when given a spoon of it regularly cuts down on noxious dog farts.

    Use plain (no fruit) unflavored yogurt that has active cultures in it. Fat content (No-fat, lo-fat, regular) is up to you.

  11. feralparakeet says:

    I thought that the same thing had happened with Pedigree, as the bag of food I purchased a couple of weeks ago no longer had a zipper. I compared the new bag to the old bag and found that they were the same size, then proceeded to dump all the food from the new bag into the old, zippered bag, and made a big mess on the floor.

  12. kmiles says:

    @MissPeacock: Yes, it’s yogurt. We have to feed our cats the cat version with yogurt. They were both sick when we got them and if they don’t get that yogurt, no one wants to be in the same room as them…

  13. legwork says:

    A 20 pound bag for “Large Breed” dogs? Isn’t that like putting $10 of gas in the Suburban?

    And not to knock the OP’s place of employment, but farm supply stores often have the best prices, and with a better selection.

  14. blitzcat says:

    Wow, shrink ray on the highest markup item in the grocery store!
    We used to feed Purina Pro Plan, but we switched to Costco premium. Better food, more meat per pound, half the price.

  15. MissPeacock says:

    @MercuryPDX: @kmiles: I had no idea! That’s kind of neat. I don’t have dogs, but in all my years of owning cats, I’ve only heard one fart. :) (And believe me, it made up for all the years I didn’t.)

  16. SaveMeJeebus says:

    I usually go to a mom-and-pop horse guts grinding factory for my dog’s food. I know it’s clean and I support my local community.

  17. snoop-blog says:

    I buy this brand (purina) and it seems to be one of the more expensive. I started buying it because of the ingredients. Dogs cannot process corn (niether can we really). So I avoid foods that have ground corn meal as a main ingredient. I’m telling you what though, the way my dog acts after switching to purina is nite and day. She is waaaay more active and has a much softer and shinier coat. Nutro pro is like the best food for dogs. A salesman from there was very inteligent in his arguements, thus how I learned about corn meal. He was careful to not slam his competition but instead inform you about dogs digestive system and how his food was special formulated with good ingredients like parts of the meat that we would eat. All he said about other dog foods was to check the ingredients and compare them to his. Purina is closest in comparison.

  18. serreca says:

    @snoop-blog: Innova is a GREAT brand for dog and cat foods. Actually probably higher quality than the Nutro, which is very good. Innova (specifically the EVO brand) has no grain.

    It is expensive, but they require less of it because it’s of such high quality.

  19. noi56u says:

    @serreca: Was just about to post an “Innova FTW” comment. Recently made the switch to that brand because of:
    1.) It’s human-grade food
    2.) No fillers (read ingredient list at []
    3.) Contains the microbial goodness you get from the yogurts

    Like Serreca said, more expensive but definitely beats putting bad stuff in the bowl or the dreaded alternative – cooking fresh for the pooch.

  20. noi56u says:

    @dinger_82: ps – you won’t find this at PetSmart or PetCo or PetMart or whatever the hell they’re called. There’s a store locator on the Innova site if interested…

  21. MercuryPDX says:

    @MissPeacock: Greyhounds are notorious for it:

    It’s also been suggested that a Lamb and Rice formula (Which is the Flavor of Purina One I buy) is easier to digest.

    @snoop-blog: When the Petsmart stopped carrying the large bags of “Nutro Active Formula”, I switched to Purina One based on vet recommendation. Bonus points for the naturally occurring Glucosamine, which means no supplements are necessary.

  22. snoop-blog says:

    @dinger_82: that’s the reason I buy purina, Because it can be found about anywhere, but is still pretty good. btw- salt n pepper mini-schnauzer female looking for mate in the Indiana area…

  23. holocron says:

    Here’s an idea for you:

    The Costco dog food is actually pretty good, give the cost and “store brand”. Light on the fillers, too.

    We switched over to it a few years back when we were trimming out budget. You can’t beat the value.

    Now, we usually use a mix of Natural Balance Premium, Natural Balance Organic, and Costco. Costco in this mix ends up being “the filler” but a good filler. Helps to stretch the better brand foods. And the variety is good for the dog’s system.

    If you are looking to good info on dog food, check out Whole Dog Journal.

  24. snoop-blog says:

    luckily a mini schnauzer doesn’t consume very much food. I buy the 8lb bags and one bag will last about a month. (and food is in her bowl at all times) although I do measure the amount based on her weight and such.

  25. blue_duck says:

    This is ridiculous. My dog WILL eat anything, but he’s on specific vet orders to eat Purina One Healthy Weight Management with Yogurt. That and in my experience, dogs usually aren’t fans of their food being changed.

  26. blue_duck says:

    @snoop-blog: I have a golden retriever about the size of a mini horse! He’s like a furry vacuum.

  27. noi56u says:

    @snoop-blog: ditto for a shih tzu’s consumption – which is why i figure an extra couple bucks a bag isn’t going to send anyone to the poorhouse. unless you’re blue_duck with the giant retriever!

  28. sarabadara says:

    @snoop-blog: I feed my St. Bernard Nutro. She has a very sensitive tummy so I’m hesitant to switch brands but will compare ingredients to Purina next time I’m picking up food for her. Thanks for the tip: )

  29. snoop-blog says:

    My dog is my child, my only child. She is very spoiled.@sarabadara: are you cicada on wonkette?

  30. sarabadara says:

    @sarabadara: No, I’m just sarabadara. Someone been talking ’bout me over there?

  31. snoop-blog says:

    @sarabadara: no but have the same jerry blank (which I loved strangers with candy) avitar.

  32. legwork says:

    Glad to see other Innova fans here.

    I made the rounds from Costco Lamb & Rice (farts galore), California Natural (dogs hated it), Diamond’s extreme Premium line, Diamond Premium, mixing with high-quality raw foods (expensive in money and time), and finally Innova. We serve it about 50/50 with warm water, letting the food soak up the water to help digestion. The boys love it, they’re doing great, and our air is untainted.

    Another bonus with these high-quality foods is that it’s more completely digested, meaning you get smaller land-mines in the yard.

  33. holocron says:

    @blue_duck: I think you’re thinking cats.

    Either way, dogs or cats, you should change there food every now and then to give their system a change. It is much better for them.

  34. sarabadara says:

    @snoop-blog: Oh crap. And here I thought I was so cool and original.

  35. snoop-blog says:

    @holocron: Actually your supposed to change their food like every 6 months, but no more than that. and your supposed to gradually change it. Like putting 1/4 new food with 3/4 old food.

  36. Tryptophan says:

    I buy Purina One for my pooch too, he likes the taste over the cheaper stuff. I noticed this about 3 months ago with the larger bags at Petsmart. It went from 38 lbs bag to 34.5 and changed the bag design (more square than rectangular) and still charge the same. Didn’t take a picture of the old bag though.

  37. razremytuxbuddy says:

    A former 25lb bag of Kibbles and Bits is down to 17.6 pounds, and I’ve seen some bags marked as 16 pounds. Same size bag, just less food in it. On top of that, this week when I bought a 17.6lb bag, the price had been raised more than $3 from the week before!

  38. We have three big dogs (great dane, German shepherd dog, and black lab), and they are not happy when we change their food. They get a super premium lamb and rice formula called Exceed. Lamb is the first and main ingredient, and they love it. However, the price keeps going up! It is killing me.

  39. dragonvpm says:

    @MonkeySeeMonkeyDo: I can feel your pain. I have two black labs who will can go through large bags of food in a couple of weeks.

    I like Iam’s solution to the grocery shrink ray. A couple of years back they increased the bag size by 4 lbs and bumped up the price by some amount. The / lb price went up, but at least you felt like you were getting more food (and really once you’re buying the biggest bags or large breed chow that they make, they know the furry kids are going to go through the food fast enough that you’ll just deal and pay the higher price)

  40. jurisenpai says:

    @snoop-blog: Really? You’re looking to mate your dog and you’re searching for stud dogs on the Consumerist? Why not get her fixed and spend the stud fee money on constantly shrinking bags of dog food?

  41. synergy says:

    Just out of curiosity, has anyone worked out what would be cheaper, meat from the butcher shop per pound or food from pet food companies?

    I’m a cat owner, so my expense for her is waaaay low and it doesn’t matter, but for a dog, especially the big breeds I would think it MIGHT be cheaper to get fresh. Plus, less weird processing.

  42. dragonvpm says:

    @synergy: Well 44lbs of Iam’s runs me about $29, and iirc, sirloin is running around $4-$6 a lb. at Albertsons. I don’t think I really want to know what cuts would be running at $1.50 a lb.

    Plus I’d either need to invest in a large freezer, or do a lot more shopping to supply my little vacuum cleaners with fresh meat on a daily basis.

    We’d also need to figure out the nutritional content of 1 lb of meat vs 1 lb of dog food to see if that’s even a fair comparison (e.g. maybe 1lb of meat provides the nutritional content of 5lbs of dog food).